Calgary’s Retail Renaissance: 15 Game-Changers Worth Watching

October 11, 2023

1. NewLeaf Cannabis

Leading the wave in cannabis growth and research, NewLeaf Cannabis promises an inclusive and educative experience for those exploring the world of cannabis.

2. Wildfire Innovations

Wildfire Innovations is on a mission. A mission to rethink and revolutionize our approach to wildfires – from prevention to protection and beyond.

3. Felix Smart

For aqua enthusiasts, Felix Smart provides the next-gen in aquarium technology. Whether it’s freshwater or saltwater, they have the smart tools for an enchanting underwater view.

4. FOUR20

As an adult-use cannabis retail operator, FOUR20 isn’t just about the product. It’s about the experience, and they’ve mastered it.

5. YSS Corp

YSS Corp. is more than just a cannabis retailer. They’re a symbol of Canadian pride in a growing market.

6. Straightline Kia

For those in search of their next ride, Straightline Kia offers a blend of choice, quality, and exceptional service.

7. Rose Bros Coffee

Coffee and chocolates from across the globe find their home at Rose Bros Coffee. Aromatic, flavorful, and utterly delightful.

8. Leafify

For plant lovers, Leafify offers a green paradise. Sourced from local Canadian greenhouses, nature is but a click away.

9. Gotta Sleep

Canadian-made and with a promise of free shipping, Gotta Sleep ensures that every night is a good night.

10. Instappraise

For jewels that tell a story, Instappraise offers a platform for appraisal that’s trusted by gemologists and consumers alike.

11. XenoMorphix Industrial Design

With a unique twist on the bicycle seat design, XenoMorphix is setting the pace for comfortable and innovative cycling.

12. Prudential Market

B2B or B2C, Prudential Market is the marketplace for top-notch local professional services.

13. Bar Country Cocktail

For those who like their drinks with a twist, Bar Country offers a splash of innovation in every cocktail.


Dedicated to delivering quality, EDC YYC is the go-to for Every Day Carry kits that stand the test of time.

15. Swaportunity

Whether you’re buying, selling, or donating bikes, Swaportunity is the platform that turns every transaction into an opportunity.

Calgary’s retail scene is as diverse as it is innovative. With companies ranging from tech-based solutions to traditional retail experiences, there’s no denying that Calgary is a hub of retail innovation.

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