Canadian Cloud Data Service Startups: Industry Innovators Based in Canada

January 4, 2024

The ingenuity and innovation of Canadian startups is a beacon for the future of tech on a global scale. The focus of this spotlight is on startups founded in 2020 or later operating in Cloud Data Services industry, with headquarters stationed within the heart of Canada. These startups transcend industry boundaries with products and services encompassing areas such as business intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, and more.

Despite the challenging circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, these startups continue to inspire us by fearlessly venturing into the future, embracing technological advancements, and monumentalizing the entrepreneurial spirit engrained so deeply within Canadian culture. Their commitment to enhancing the cloud data services industry establishes them as key players spearheading the data revolution where vast volumes of data are transformed into actionable information, serving businesses and stakeholders worldwide.

The startups featured in this article are part of a resilient technology landscape where Canadians are leading the charge. Their relentless pursuit of excellence, adaptation of advanced technology, and innovative solutions in an ever-growing cloud data services space become an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

Data Sentinel

Founded by Kevin Downey and Mark Rowan, Data Sentinel is headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Their focus lies in Business Intelligence, Cloud Data Services, Language Learning, and Machine Learning. Data Sentinel is an enterprise data management solution, providing in-depth technology to identify, inventory, categorize, and tag sensitive data. Providing solutions like uncovering duplicate data, auditing data quality, and managing data risk, their work enables active data governance.


Based in Burlington, Ontario, Curabit is an emerging player in the fields of Analytics, Cloud Data Services, Computer, and Software. They offer chatbot and analytics services, primarily catering to customer-centric small and medium businesses with their subscription-based services.

Cloud Architects

Falling under the industry categories of Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Services, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, Developer Platform, Information Technology, and founded by Sean Mehrabi, this Vancouver-based firm offers comprehensive IT services and consulting solutions.


Based in Toronto, Ontario, Bitsummit is a technology consulting service. They offer a variety of services including cloud applications, data analytics, migration assessment, managed SOC, data strategy workshops, and more.

I/O Energy

Located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, I/O Energy operates in the Cloud Data Services, Energy, Energy Management, and Natural Resources industries.


Capijzo is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based firm that operates in the Cloud Data Services, Content, and Information Technology Industries.

Shift iQ

Shift iQ is focused on the Cloud Data Services, Education, and Information Technology industries. They are located in Vancouver, Alberta.

Hack Frost NL

Hack Frost NL is a unique start-up offering services in the Cloud Data Services, Cyber Security, Network Security, and Training sectors. They are located in Canada, Kentucky, United States.


Miksi, founded by Evgeny Lazarenko and Lindsey Peng, is a Toronto based organization that operates in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Data Services, Developer Tools, and Productivity Tools sectors.

Tooth Secret View (TSV)

TSV, headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a startup using Artificial Intelligence and Convolutional Neural Networks to develop a CAD software that detects minute amounts of plaque on teeth. Their software can also quantify the effectiveness of cleaning and provide feedback to a patient on methods to clean the teeth properly.


Located in Montreal, Quebec, Mia is a startup operating in the Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Data Services, Machine Learning sectors. Founded by Daniel Needleman and Samantha Walker, Mia lets users rapidly deploy and demonstrate machine learning models through a no-code application. Their platform enables companies to transform machine learning models into applications and bring them to life.

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