Canadian Innovations: Spotlight on Toronto’s Emerging Logistics Startups

January 23, 2024

Canadian startups are making significant strides in the logistics industry, driven by enhanced technology and out-of-the-box innovation. The startups featured in this article were all founded in 2020 or later, with their headquarters based in Toronto, Ontario. These innovative businesses are revamping the ways in which goods are moved, tracked, and delivered, bringing in a wave of modern solutions for retail, e-commerce, and beyond. The following Canadian startups are making it big in the logistics industry:

Swyft is a B2B marketplace specializing in offering same-day delivery for brands and retailers. Founded in 2020 by Aadil Kazmi, Maraz Rahman, and Zeeshan Hamid, Swyft allows carriers to digitize or automate much of their traditional operations. This company is a prime example of the way tech-driven startups are transforming the logistic sector with its services like unified billing, digital proof of delivery, real-time tracking, and branded customer notifications, and more.

Another budding player in the logistics arena is ReturnBear. Despite its recent inception, this startup is making its mark in the e-commerce, internet, and logistics sector though specific details about the founders and their vision couldn’t be ascertained at this time.


Swyft, a B2B marketplace, aids brands and retailers with same-day delivery services. This start-up by Aadil Kazmi, Maraz Rahman, and Zeeshan Hamid, launched in 2020, provided carriers with a platform to digitize several processes that were traditionally done manually. Features such as unified billing, digital proofs of delivery, real-time tracking and trace, branded customer notifications, SMS updates, and more are available. Swyft effectively entices more shoppers at checkout with reliable and affordable same-day delivery.


This start-up operates in the logistics, e-commerce and internet, but detailed about the founders or their vision couldn’t be found. Find more about them on their website.


Ribbit, founded by Carl Pigeon and Jeremy Wang is engaged in multiple sectors – Aerospace, Autonomous Vehicles, Logistics, Robotics, and Transportation. They envision making managing and operating unmanned airlines easier.


Tayza operates in Courier Service, Logistics, and Shipping sector. It was founded by Mohit Raj, but details about their vision couldn’t be found.

Dropoff AI

Founded by Syed Qadri, Vaibhav Mehta, Yinan Wang, and Zafer Qureshi, Dropoff AI is a pioneer in blending Artificial Intelligence with Delivery, Last Mile Transportation, Logistics, and SaaS. Their products focus on the last 100ft to help last-mile delivery providers.


Cargoflip, founded by Dmitri Amariei and Prateek Gaur, operates in Logistics, Software, and SCM. They do not disclose much about their operations or vision.


Zygg, founded by Kevin McLaughlin, aims to transform billions of personal and business trips into electric bike rides. They provide an online subscription e-bike service, designed to support a mass market ebike economy with their simple yet innovative platform. Learn more about them here.


Founded by Ehsan Golabgir, Flott designs and operates last mile delivery solutions that deliver products to every household and business across Canada. They use artificial intelligence for greater efficiency, visibility, and control of their operations.

FlashBox – Same-day Delivery for Businesses

FlashBox, founded by Mehdi Nayebi and Mehrshad Pezeshk, is an innovative solution for businesses looking for last-mile deliveries. Their proprietary software and roster of independent drivers assure quick and reliable delivery. Find more about FlashBox here.

Comet Delivery

Comet Delivery is a start-up in the logistics and e-commerce sector, providing local shopping support. However, details about the founders or their vision were not available at the time of research.

In conclusion, the Toronto, Ontario area is a hotbed for logistics startups, with these and many more pushing the envelope when it comes to innovative supply chain solutions. These startups are working at the forefront of the logistics field, seeking new and unique ways to revolutionize how products are moved around the globe. Stay tuned for more startup spotlights in future articles as we continue to explore this exciting sector.

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