Edmonton’s Rising Food and Beverage Star: Canada’s Innovative Startup Highlights

January 23, 2024

Canada’s food and beverage industry continues to evolve and grow, providing an abundance of opportunities for startups. One city proving to be a hotspot for such startups is Edmonton, Alberta. This dynamic city is bustling with potential and is home to a variety of young startups, all working to shake up the food and beverage scene. This piece illuminates a handful of these promising businesses, all of which began in 2020 or later and are driving change and fostering innovation in their corner of the industry.

The businesses showcased demonstrate how these startups are revolutionizing the industry, from smart food retail concepts, to technical agtech solutions, to user-friendly food delivery apps. Whether harnessing technology to create efficient systems or cultivating a new approach to food and beverage services, these startups highlight the diversity and vibrancy of Edmonton’s scene.

Below is an in-depth look at these companies, offering a brief overview of their operations and missions. Embedded are various ways to learn more about these outstanding businesses.

The Public Food Hub Co.

Founded by Ken Bautista, Kirsta Franke, and Tim Hengel, The Public Food Hub Co. aims to unite communities of food lovers and creators. They offer location analytics and co-retailing tools to assist brands in identifying potential markets and developing supply chains. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Farmer’s Legacy Biotech

Farmer’s Legacy Biotech, operating out of Edmonton, is innovating in the AgTech, CleanTech, and Food and Beverage industries. While there is minimal information available about the company currently, you can stay up to date on their website as they develop their exciting, innovative vision.

Homestyle Selections

In the sectors of food and beverage, logistics, management consulting, and manufacturing, Homestyle Selections operates out of Edmonton. More information about their mission and projects can be found on LinkedIn.

Food Search Inc.

Founded by Vinson Luong, Food Search Inc. bridges the gap between food connoisseurs and restaurants in the Food and Beverage and Food Delivery industries. Be sure to follow its growth on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

JustCook Kitchens

JustCook Kitchens, established by Jennifer Keith and Luke Butterworth in Edmonton, operates within the Food and Beverage and Restaurant industries. Stay in the loop on their latest developments through their accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

DeepBlue Greens

DeepBlue Greens, an Edmonton-based startup, seeks to reinvent farming with its innovative aeroponic, hydroponic, and greenhouse products. Their objective is to deliver sustainable agricultural solutions that raise crop yields while minimizing resource usage. To stay updated, follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


ORDR, co-founded by Evan Wain and Jade Chiles in Edmonton, enhances customers’ dining experiences by offering to-your-seat food, drinks, and merchandise delivery, turning every outing into a unique event. Connect with ORDR on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to appreciate their dynamic approach to event-goer experiences.

As outlined, the food and beverage scene in Edmonton is thriving. Fueled by technology and innovation, these startups from varied industry areas continue to redefine and transform the Canadian food and beverage landscape.

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