Edmonton’s Rising Stars: Canadian Startups Innovating the Apps Industry

January 5, 2024

Canada is a popular destination for emerging startups thanks to its thriving tech scenes and proliferating venture capital. One city making a prominent mark is Edmonton. Known for more than just its hockey team, Edmonton is bustling with innovative startup companies that have found a fertile ground for their ideas. In particular, app development is proving to be a thriving industry in this part of Canada. Here, we take a look at startups that were founded in 2020 onwards in Edmonton, and are contributing to the app industry in unique and innovative ways.

These Edmonton startups are harnessing processes and technologies to create apps that not only make people’s lives easier but also offer new and exciting experiences. From the automotive industry to gaming and food delivery, these startups are providing services that truly change the way we interact with the world. Each startup has a unique story to tell, filled with passion, tenacity, and determination, reflecting the dynamic and forward-thinking attitude of Edmonton’s tech scene.

In this article, we’ll cover each of these startups, delving into their backgrounds, goals, and unique offerings. This is a celebration of the determination and innovation that makes Edmonton an exciting hub for tech entrepreneurs in Canada and globally.

Areto Labs

Areto Labs is a forward-thinking startup founded by Jacqueline Comer, Kasey Machin, and Lana Cuthbertson. The goal of Areto Labs is to create culture-building apps and bots that can be integrated into digital community platforms. The company’s solutions are particularly effective in the realms of Apps, Communities, Information Technology, and Software. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Story City

When creators Emily Craven founded Story City, their vision was to build a no-code platform and app for location-based content & games that would drive users to experience stories and adventures in their own city from a completely different perspective. Their efforts have opened the creation of this content to average creators, unlocking a wealth of talent and possibility in this $70B global market. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founder Sandro Torrieri set out to integrate the automotive industry with the world of apps when he created Carbeeza. This innovative startup operates in the realms of Automotive, E-Commerce, and Mobile Apps, aiming to reshape how consumers interact with the car buying process. Establish connections with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Created by Kevin Mpunga, Elev is designed to help students find their home away from home and live a peaceful tenancy. By combining accessible technology and responsive design, this app is truly a beacon of innovation in the app development field. Get in touch with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

RocketFire Labs

RocketFire Labs, founded by Geff Croteau, is revolutionizing the way gamers connect and communicate through the development of social platforms. One of their products, Fox Hole, utilizes blockchain technology to build individual ESports Valuations based on metrics. Join their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ordereasier. Whether at a concert or a sports game, ORDR, founded by Evan Wain and Jade Chiles, has simplified the way we order food, drinks, and merchandise without having to leave our seats. The ORDR app truly offers a premium experience, maximizing the enjoyment of events. Keep up with ORDR via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Launch57 delivers versatile solutions that seamlessly operate on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Their products meet a wide range of business needs, including community engagement, virtual auctions, healthcare gamified education solutions, Sales CRM, and many others. Connect with them through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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