Emerging Vancouver-Based AI Startups Transforming Canada’s Tech Landscape

January 29, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to flourish in the bustling city of Vancouver, British Columbia. This rapidly evolving technology is reshaping industries, modernizing processes, and creating exciting opportunities for startups in Canada. AI technology serves various sectors from agriculture to Fintech, healthcare, and beyond. This article will focus on highlighting a selection of startups founded after 2020 that are integrating AI into their operations in innovative ways. These companies are leading the way in launching groundbreaking applications of AI to solve real-world problems.

Vancouver’s vibrant startup ecosystem has become a fertile ground for these AI-focused companies. With a deep talent pool, readily available resources, and a cooperative spirit, these startups have the foundation to bring their innovative ideas to life. The startups mentioned in this series exemplify the ingenuity and potential of AI application in various sectors. Let’s explore some of the trailblazing startups in this growing ecosystem.

From addressing challenges in the agricultural sector to transforming health diagnostics, these startups provide a glimpse of the incredible potential of AI technology. By improving efficiency, accuracy, and outcomes, these startups are creating new opportunities and enhancing processes across many areas. Let’s delve into the specifics of some of these outstanding startups.


Founded by Arthur Chen and Roman Kozak, Verdi is utilizing AI to revolutionize the agricultural industry. Their goal is creating data-driven solutions for hyper-specific farming actions, starting with irrigation. By optimizing irrigation, they aim to support sustainable farming and improved crop yield. Connect with Verdi on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

ESG Analytics

ESG Analytics, founded by Qayyum Rajan, uses AI and alternative data to provide valuable insight into environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects for companies, countries, and ETFs. They are dedicated to supporting sustainable practices through their innovative platform. Find ESG Analytics on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


SceneBox was founded by Yaser Khalighi as a solution to improve the efficiency of engineers working on machine learning. The platform allows engineers to diagnose, curate, and fix their data more effectively. Get involved with SceneBox on Twitter and LinkedIn.


bots4impact, founded by Helen Goddard, Lisa Andres, and Thara Vayali, is a full-service health chatbot design agency. They aim to engage, educate, and expand their customer base through dialogue, particularly focusing on health and wellness, genetics, labs, pharma, and public health. Connect with bots4impact on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Machinery Analytics

Mitch LeBlanc and Peter Kostka established Machinery Analytics, company, dedicated to the automotive industry, providing insights for better performance. Discover Machinery Analytics on LinkedIn.


Spade, founded by Cooper Hart and Oban MacTavish, leverages AI for transaction enrichment API. With this technology, they are helping Fintechs enhance their applications and systems. Engage with Spade on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Recon Health

Recon Health, founded by Bozena Kaminska, Dr. James Miller, Karim Arabi, and Scott McMillan, is harnessing the power of AI for remote patient monitoring for chronic and acute respiratory health conditions. Find Recon Health on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Ladybug Robotics

Ladybug Robotics, founded by Amirmasoud Ghasemi and Hani Eskandari, is providing solutions to the agricultural sector through autonomous devices. These intelligent devices are solving labor challenges for farmers. Connect with Ladybug Robotics on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Strataji is leading the way in the real estate industry by leveraging AI for insightful decision-making. Find out more about Strataji on LinkedIn.

Nexera Robotics

Nexera Robotics is working on bringing revolutionary changes to AI and robotics. Check out Nexera Robotics on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Arestor is creating the future with AI and Metaverse in the art and graphic design industry. You can learn more about their ventures on their website Debase, or explore further in-depth at Arestor.

These trailblazing startups symbolize the dynamism and potential of AI today. Operating in diverse sectors, they are harnessing the power of AI in novel ways, revolutionizing processes, and creating value. Their stories reflect the entrepreneurial spirit in Vancouver and the exciting future of AI industry in Canada.

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