Exploring Alberta’s Rising Stars in Canada’s Analytics Startup Scene

January 5, 2024

In recent years, the province of Alberta has become a hotspot for tech startups in Canada. Among these startups, a growing trend of data analytics and AI technologies has emerged. Founded in 2020 or later, these startups are revolutionizing big data, machine learning, cloud computing, and business intelligence applications across diverse industries – healthcare, real estate, oil and gas, and sports. Let’s take a closer look at some of these groundbreaking Albertan firms.

These companies, although in their early stages, are disrupting traditional norms with their innovative approaches to data analytics. They are leading the way in using big data to predict trends, decipher complex behaviours, and make informed business decisions. Here we have ten startups that are currently leading the pack.

The driving force behind these startups isn’t just the innovative technology they provide. It’s also about the people who have founded and developed these companies, their hard work, and their dedication to making a difference in their respective fields.


Founding Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Industry: Analytics, Big Data, Lead Generation, Real Estate, Software
Description: Ownly specializes in big data, data analysis, customer experience, data analytics, sales, and lead generation.
Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn

Naiad Lab

Founding Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Founders: Esmat Naikyar
Industry: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Machine Learning
Description: Naiad Lab connects healthcare providers with remote patients using health measurements, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), advanced data analytics, and video conferencing to satisfy patients’ healthcare concerns swiftly.
Social Media: LinkedIn

Digitally Measured

Founding Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Industry: Analytics, Consulting, Information Technology
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


Founding Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Industry: Analytics, Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Oil and Gas
Description: RevSolz is a cloud-based platform. They offer wireless sensors, faster solutions, flexible resources, economies of scale, real-time data, data analytics, treatment well monitoring, offset well monitoring, and machine learning.
Social Media: LinkedIn


Founding Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Industry: Analytics
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

Rolling Insights

Founding Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founders: Steven Kenway
Industry: Analytics, Fantasy Sports, Information Technology
Description: Rolling Insights provides you with the tools to make sense of all your fantasy sports data.
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


Founding Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founders: Jai Kumar Joon
Industry: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Service Industry, Software, Web Development
Description: OPX Ai specializes in connecting instruments, sensors, data and workers. They are operational excellence and artificial intelligence experts.
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


Founding Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founders: Abdullah Choudhry, Alex Todorovic, Ben Grande, Danny Grande
Industry: Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Consumer Research, Information Technology, Marketing, SaaS, Software, Sustainability
Description: Arbor is a data science platform. It utilizes proprietary environmental and societal datasets to empower companies to measure, improve, and showcase the sustainability of their products.
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


Founding Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founders: Brook Papau, Tanya Baeza
Industry: Analytics, Energy, Environmental Consulting, Renewable Energy, Software
Description: Orennia provides trusted commercial analytics to inform investment and capital allocation decisions for renewable and zero-carbon energy.
Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn

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