Exploring British Columbia’s Pioneering Analytics Startups: Canada’s Rising Tech Stars

January 4, 2024

Canada’s dynamic startup ecosystem continues to grow exponentially, with British Columbia leading the pack in creativity and innovation. Particularly in the Analytics industry, it is impossible not to be mesmerized by the work being done by startups right here in our backyard. These groundbreaking companies, all of which emerged in 2020 or later, are changing narratives and supporting businesses with the insights they churn from data. If you are interested in the evolution in Canada’s Analytics industry, here are some startups you should know about.

These startups are mainly focused on turning data into actionable insights, empowering businesses with real-time information for decision making. From environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors analytics to creating solutions for predicting demand chains in the retail industry, these startups are pushing the boundary in analytics. Despite the challenging environment caused by the global pandemic, they have managed to innovate, raise funds, and continue expanding their services.

Here, we put these companies in the spotlight to showcase their unique services in the analytics field. Please note, this is not a ranking, but rather an informative overview of what’s happening in British Columbia’s Analytics startup scene. These companies are harnessing the power of analytics and their accomplishments thus far attest to a promising future ahead.

ESG Analytics

Located in Vancouver, ESG Analytics utilizes artificial intelligence and alternative data to provide an in-depth analysis of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) elements for companies, countries, and ETFs. Led by Qayyum Rajan, this startup has found a unique way to interpret sustainability factors. Learn more from their LinkedIn page.

ari Technologies

In the strategic intersection of analytics, e-commerce, fashion, and retail technology, ari Technologies led by Sheenah Rogers-Pfeiffer provides a next-gen shopping experience. Branded as the most trusted global shopping destination, ari bridges creator content with prospective buyers, delivering robust performance data to brands. Check out their LinkedIn page.

EarthDaily Analytics

EarthDaily Analytics (EDA), under the leadership of founders Cameron Chell and George Tyc, provides actionable insights for addressing the world’s greatest challenges. Based in Vancouver, EDA plays a crucial role in sustainable agriculture, disaster management, climate change monitoring, forestry protection, and more. Learn more from their LinkedIn.

Infostrux Solutions

Infostrux Solutions is redefining the Business Intelligence, Data Center, Database, and Information Technology space with its superb analytical services. Under the leadership of Goran Kimovski, this startup has carved a niche for itself. They can be found at their LinkedIn page.


Fastloop, founded by Breedon Grauer and Trevor Carr, offers big data, advanced analytics, and cloud technology consulting services. Specializing in operational analytics, customer intelligence, advanced analytics, and digital acceleration, they’re a certified Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Databricks, and AWS partner. Fastloop continues to assist organizations in implementing scalable data and analytics strategies. Visit their LinkedIn page for more.


Niricson, based in Victoria, has developed a proprietary damage assessment software platform. Founders Aki Tomita and Harsh Rathod have made it possible for infrastructure owners to inspect their structures in a cost-effective and accurate way. Learn more about their damage detection and prediction software on LinkedIn.

Flashana Technologies Inc.

Flashana delivers predictive analytics solutions to retail enterprises, specifically those looking to understand their customer demands. They pride themselves on real-time reporting, designed particularly for specific SME industries, with a focus on the global alcohol beverage industry disrupted due to the pandemic. Flashana can be found on LinkedIn.

Kamu Data

Kamu makes it possible for people to efficiently exchange structured data in a decentralized, zero-trust environment. Their mission is to enable data collaboration on the same scale as seen in Software. Visit their LinkedIn page for more insights.


RocketBrew, founded by Heidi Ye and Rachel Wong, is a single-stop competitive intelligence platform for e-commerce brands. Their interactive dashboards offer an intuitive understanding of market insights. RocketBrew can be found on LinkedIn, and also on their Facebook page.

ORBintel Decision Guidance

ORBintel Decision Guidance by OrbMB Technologies Corp monetizes and measures the value of data to improve data quality and make better decisions profitably. Under the leadership of David Huer, the company stands out as a solution provider for insights from data assets.

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