Exploring Emerging Art Industry Startups Based in Montreal, Canada

January 5, 2024

Montreal, renowned the world over for its distinct culture, tantalizing cuisine, and iconic architecture, but not forgetting its robust technology startups—in particular, those startups that are making waves within the world of art by fusing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. At the forefront of many of these innovations are startups that were founded in 2020 or later, bringing a fresh and unique perspective to this exciting intersection between art and technology. Let’s delve into some of these startups, each making a significant impact in their respective industries.

Each of these startups is unique, creating and leveraging advancements in AI technology to create more efficient systems and tools, providing better experiences or solutions to different aspects of our life. From the transformation of building construction to developing a revolutionary no-code application for machine learning, there’s certainly a lot to look forward to in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting a diverse roster of startups, each adding a distinctive flavor to the AI scene in Montreal. It is through the hard work and innovation of the startups mentioned below that technological development is constantly being pushed beyond its boundaries in this vibrant city. Here are some of the most interesting Montreal startups, born in 2020 or later, to keep an eye out for.


The first startup on our list, Mely.ai, is an artificial intelligence company founded by Edward Ko and Hoang Ngo. Distinct in its principle of removing manual document extraction and manual data entries to systems, Mely.ai aims to save enterprises 90% of time and 80% of labor cost. More about this Montreal-based startup, can be found on their website and their LinkedIn page

Extergy AI

Spearheaded by Seyed Amirhosain Sharif, Extergy AI deals with the optimization of energy consumption and costs of a building under construction or renovation. It is redefining what it means to construct and maintain buildings with artificial intelligence in energy at its core. More information about this architecture and AI startup can be found on their website and LinkedIn page.

Lerna AI

Lerna AI, co-founded by Georgios Depastas and Georgios Kellaris, specializes in creating superior artificial intelligence solutions. More information can be found on their website.


ElligencIA offers a curiosity and excellence-led consulting mechanism, boasting of its abilities in financial services and internet technologies. Check out their website and LinkedIn page for more information.


SweetData.io is a data marketplace that provides a way to search, buy, sell and download datasets aimed for machine learning and big data purposes. By providing a way to quickly find and buy already compiled data, developers can save a lot of time and money through SweetData.io. more details are available on their website.


Next is ‘Mia’. Founded by Daniel Needleman and Samantha Walker, Mia develops a no-code application that allows to rapidly deploy and demo machine learning models. Check them out on their website and LinkedIn page.


Finally, Barkstage, a company that brings AI to the music world. Founded by Gilles Morin and Jacques Eastwood, Barkstage is integrating Artificial Intelligence, concert promotion, and music venues. More can be found out about this innovative company on their website and Linkedin page.

The Montreal startup scene, particularly those fusing AI technology within the art sector, is an exciting one. We look forward to continuing to highlight the innovative work that these startups are doing as they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry.

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