Exploring Toronto’s Innovative App Startups Shaping Canadian Tech Scene

January 23, 2024

Canada’s vibrant tech scene is notable for its diversity of industries and innovative solutions. Home to a host of promising startups, Toronto, Ontario has seen impressive growth in the App industry. From solutions for small businesses to educational platforms and beauty services, these companies have used technology to turn challenges into opportunities.

These startups, each founded in 2020 or later, are making waves in their respective sectors and earning the attention of investors and customers alike. Their stories are emblematic of the adventurous spirit that characterizes Canada’s app industry.

Today, we’ll take a look into these promising Toronto-based startups that are set to shape the future of the app industry. Here are their stories:


Founded by Mark Ruddock, Nuula is an application providing small businesses with tools to monitor KPIs more effectively. From tracking sales trends to revenue and credit scores, its features allow for a comprehensive overview of a company’s financial health.


Beauty tech startup Fyyne offers a platform for users to discover and book beauty artists in just a few clicks. It also provides beauty artists with a tool to build their brand and process payments.


B4Grad is an educational platform aiming to connect students by school, class, and location. Founded by Anthony Giugno and Joseph Giugno, this startup is quickly gaining traction as America’s fastest-growing study platform.


In the market of IT and Sports, Betstamp is a startup in Toronto that’s making a name for itself. With an exciting application in development, this enterprise is one to keep an eye on.


Founder Nick Rico is leading the charge at mobile application startup Kaosity. Clinching a spot in software design and the internet sector, Kaosity is set to shake things up.

Review Robin

With Julia McLaughlin at the helm, Review Robin promises to carve out a bigger place in the realms of digital marketing, software, and apps.


Through the revolutionary product SpaceCard, founder Milan Baić is merging the world of VR with architectural showcasing, offering an interactive and immersive way to showcase design mockups and walkthroughs.


With its focus in software and internet, egeez is shaping up to be a strong contender in the apps market.


Hailing from the fields of Information Technology and email applications, InboxAware is rapidly gaining recognition for its unique app.


With a specialty in accounting and financial services, Aubooks is delivering an effective application for businesses.


As a startup focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, Attrava is poised to bring exciting changes to the app industry.

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