Exploring Toronto’s Pioneering Digital Marketing Startups: A Canadian Focus

January 23, 2024

Business is benefiting from the digital age, expanding innovative, savvy, and fervent strategies beyond traditional marketing mediums to capture audience attention, propel growth, and improve customer relationships. Startups in Canada have been rising to this occasion, particularly in the digital marketing world, bolstering their brands and supporting other businesses through their expertise. This piece takes a closer look at some promising digital marketing startups founded in 2020 or later, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Delving into various digital marketing aspects, they consistently deliver astounding results with their unique blend of strategies and effective implementation. From Analytics to Content, SEO, Social Media Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Software – they have it all covered.

The startups listed in this article have been hand-picked based on their track record, innovation, and overall contribution to enhancing the digital marketing industry. By focusing on the details of these startups, it spotlights the companies that have made significant strides in this sector and inspire others to follow suit.

Lavin Media

Co-founded by Anton Havorka and Sergey Kisyuk, Lavin Media offers a modern solution for sales development challenges, adding a refreshing set of services to aid businesses in sales acceleration. These include business consultation, data analysis, and recruitment support. Additionally, their activities extend within Analytics, Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Market Research spheres.

Review Robin

Founded by Julia McLaughlin, Review Robin dips into the Apps, Software and Commercial sectors besides Digital Marketing. Their offerings embrace advanced application developments, commercial strategies along with remarkable digital marketing tactics.

Ensiha Digital

Ensiha Digital encompasses Brand Marketing, Content, Digital Marketing, Music Label, Photography, SEO, and Social Media Advertising. Known for their holistic approach, they provide an all-rounded service in the digital space, offering innovative content and advertising solutions in addition to their digital marketing expertise.

AscendX Digital

Janice Roberts set the foundation for AscendX Digital. The startup provides Through-Channel Marketing services allowing various sectors and their partners to actively engage in the digital customer journey. Services range from Marketing to Marketing Automation.


Xemoto operates in the Digital Marketing field with a specialization in Advertising, Developer Platforms, and Social Media Management. They offer well-rounded advertising options and developer platforms, topped off with expert social media management.

Kleverr Management Solutions

Founded by Mathieu Doyon, Kleverr Management Solutions merges Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Information Technology through their offerings. The company provides strategic guidance along with technical expertise, making it a power-packed solution for businesses seeking comprehensive support.

Agency 46

Founded by Daniel Berger, Agency 46 is known for its commitment to Content Creation, Brand Marketing, and Social Media Management, besides Digital Marketing. Their blend of strategies continues to impact businesses, fostering brand enhancement and development.


The value-driven Digital Marketing Company MarketingMantra caters to small to medium-scale Canadian businesses. Known for SEO services, they provide a range of services from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Per Click (PPC) to Social Media Marketing (SMM).


Founded by Tara Hunt, Phlywheel‘s mission is to simplify the digital landscape for small businesses, boosting their marketing strategies with a blend of content, community, and coaching services.

One Stop Digital Inc

Co-founded by Hridayram Shenoy, One Stop Digital Inc is an all-in-one digital marketing service that offers everything from SEM, SMM, Web, Copy, Design, Videos to Analytics


Founded by Rob Palumbo and Sean Billings, OutPoint is a data science platform that offers a sound solution for effective paid media budget allocation, providing predictive models and actionable insights to drive growth.

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