Featuring the Future of SEO: BlackcatSEO’s New AI-Powered App ‘prediict’

May 17, 2024
Featuring the Future of SEO: BlackcatSEO's New AI-Powered App 'prediict'

Located in the bustling business district of Montreal, a short walk from McGill University, BlackcatSEO teams are working with its innovative new application, prediict. As the city is becoming a global hub for AI businesses, the location looks fine. The leading digital marketing and SEO agency, is set to revolutionize the way content and reporting are made for SEO workers.

Designed to provide personalized insights through artificial intelligence, prediict is tailored for both agencies and companies bringing their web operations in-house, using AI while keep the human-touch.

Antonin Pasquereau, who started BlackcatSEO, talks about how important it is to keep things personal in a world where things are becoming more automated. “As technology and AI keep getting better fast, keeping the human touch in our work is key. That’s exactly what prediict does best,” says Pasquereau. The team at BlackcatSEO made prediict themselves. It stands out because it looks closely at data while remembering that every market is different – something often overlooked when AI is used.

Montreal-made features 👍

  • Human Reporting from Search Console Data: By using AI, prediict analyzes complex trends from the Google Search Console and help you provide personalized insights that help you pinpoint growth opportunities. No huge PDF to dig-into. It’s already there.
  • Intuitive Reporting: The app allows for the creation of easy-to-understand reports, simplifying the communication of key information to stakeholders. Because the message you want to send to your project manager might be a bit different from the big boss monthly report….
  • Predictive SEO: Utilizing advanced predictive models, prediict anticipates trends, assisting businesses in staying ahead of the competition. That’s basically the best use of AI: to interpret semantic grappes with a pre-determined set of variables.

From copywriters, to SEO experts, PPC experts, Data analysts, this great support now offers humans the ability to discriminate irrelevant information using AI technology, and isolate the key-data.

The strategic location of BlackcatSEO’s offices not only makes them more accessible to their clients but also centralizes the development of prediict. It creates an environment where innovative ideas can thrive, which is a commitment from the black cat to blending cutting-edge technology with strategic insights , always for the best SEO strategies.

About BlackcatSEO :

Antonin Pasquereau started BlackcatSEO 10 years ago. This leading SEO agency in Montreal works on digital marketing focusing on making businesses get noticed online. They do most of Webmarketing acquisition channels, – from helping websites show up better in searches (SEO) and running ads online (PPC) to creating content and working on how brands are preceived. The agency has developed a strong protocol to use smart digital methods based on solid data to boost businesses. With their in-house app called prediict, they’re using AI to enrich traditional decision methodes and marketing actions. They don’t just hand over numbers; they give material that businesses can really use

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