Green Innovation: Spotlight on British Columbia’s Cleantech Startups in Canada

January 6, 2024

The cleantech industry has been witnessing notable growth in British Columbia. Several startups have made significant strides in providing innovation-driven solutions to environment-related challenges. These nascent companies, born in or after 2020, are redefining sustainability while creating opportunities for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

This article takes a closer look at some of these promising startups making a noteworthy impact in areas like renewable energy, automotive, environmental consulting, biotechnology, manufacturing, and transportation. Let’s delve into the unique story of each of these startups based in British Columbia.

In this ever-evolving landscape, these burgeoning startups have carved a niche with their breakthrough solutions, transforming concepts into practical innovations. Covering a broad spectrum of industries, read how these startups are shaping the future of cleantech in Canada.

Solaires Entreprises Inc

Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Solaires Entreprises Inc is a cleantech startup focused on developing the next generation of solar cells. Founded by Fabian de la Fuente and Sahar Sam, the 23-strong team aims to replace silicon with perovskite through a sustainable manufacturing process. This innovation is expected to produce affordable solar photovoltaics with higher energy conversion efficiency. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Machinery Analytics

With its base in Vancouver, British Columbia, Machinery Analytics operates in the fields of artificial intelligence, automotive, battery, cleantech, electric vehicle, machine learning, and software, providing breakthrough solutions. The company was founded by Mitch LeBlanc and Peter Kostka. Stay in touch with their progress on LinkedIn.

Sulphide Remediation Inc.

Founded by Brent Hilscher, Sulphide Remediation Inc., based in Surrey BC, focuses on minimizing the impact of acid rock drainage from historical coarse rock waste piles on North America’s creeks and groundwater tables. The startup supplies the necessary people and equipment for waste pile remediation and arranges for the safe disposal of acid-generating rocks. Keep up with their progress on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Anodyne Chemistries

Anodyne Chemistries, located in Vancouver and founded by Emmanuelle Davies and Iain Evans, innovates by turning CO2 into strategic chemicals, materials, and fuels. Their carbon-utilization technology aims to eliminate emissions and address climate change. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Roastaire Technologies Inc.

Founded by Jim Townley, Kelly McCloskey, and Timothy Hamilton, Roastaire Technologies addresses the problem of emissions in the coffee roasting process by developing and building electric coffee roasters. The Victoria-based company creates revenue streams for the underserved coffee entrepreneurs. Stay connected through LinkedIn.

Hypercharge Networks Corp.

Based in North Vancouver, Hypercharge Networks Corp. is an electric vehicle (EV) supply equipment company. It aims to accelerate EV adoption and the shift towards a carbon-neutral economy by providing seamless charging experiences through a robust network of public and private charging stations. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

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