How To Earn At Canadian Casinos Online: The Most Profitable Games

August 21, 2023
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Looking for an easy and fun method to raise some Canadian dollars? Online slots are a way to go. But to farm cash effortlessly, you must know the most profitable games. This article will present you with them (both easy and complex options!)

Online Gambling Canada – Best Canadian Gambling Sites (2022)

What Makes a Casino Game Profitable

Why not all the Canadian casino games pay out high? This is defined by several elements they implement. All the games from the top were examined based on them. Here, take a look.

Win Multipliers

First, the games must be able to pay you in big numbers. This capability is defined by its win multipliers. Each game has them different.

Higher multipliers are often found in slot games, where they can even excel 20 000x. However, such jackpots are very rare to hit. Conversely, there is a roulette game with much more probable multipliers. But they are just 35x.


Talking about slots, each has an RTP (return to player). This parameter indicates the average investment the slot returns to a single player. The higher this number is, the more cash you will return while playing. This means you’ll be able to spend it on further playing (getting more jackpot chances) or withdraw.

Luck Factor

The problem with RTP is that it’s heavily luck-reliant. But as was stated, this applies just to slot games. There is another route to take: skill-dependent games.

So the less luck influences a game, the easier you can convert your skill into money. This primarily regards table games.

The Most Profitable Games

Best Online Slots in Canada: Top Slot Games to Play in Canada With Big  Payouts

There are a couple of casino games that suit all these mentioned factors. Below, you can look at them, read about their features, and pick the ones you like. All of them are relatively equal options.


Slots are the easiest casino games to play. They don’t give you many gaming controls to operate for profit. You just have to pull the lever and see the reels spin. Once they stop, they will form a combination, and depending on its rarity, you get a payout.

Moreover, you can put the gameplay in auto-pilot mode. To do it, just choose your stake, a desired number of spins, and launch an auto-play. The game will farm cash for you while you can be away.

When choosing a slot, consider its RTP: it’s crucial for profit. Such games as Blood Suckers (NetEnt), Starmania (Nextgen Gaming), and White Rabbit (Big Time Gaming) are excellent options. Their RTPs are above 97.70%, the top indicators in the gambling industry.

You can find some of the mentioned and other 97% RTP+ games at the GGBet Casino. It facilitates fantastic profit conditions not just with games but also with bonuses. At the moment, there is a viable Welcome Bonus ready to give you 2000 CAD + 500 spins for free! Ensure to claim it while it’s on. Moreover, GGBet is completely legal in Canada as it is licensed, so you can safely have fun at this online casino.


If the slot seems like a game that’s too out of your control, poker might be your option. This is a table card game where you compete against other players. To beat them, you must collect the strongest card combination and drag them into play. Doing that is tricky.

You must implement mind games and deceive your enemies. That way, you can subtly pull their chips into your pocket. If you make it too evident that you have a potent combo, they’ll know it and fold.

To be successful at poker, you must be good at the game. It takes knowing the card combinations and having the ability to read your opponents. Nailing that might take time.


Even though roulette is a table game like poker, it’s chance-dependent, like slots. Roulette just doesn’t give you many playing options. The only thing in your control is the one bet you make.

To define whether your wager is correct, the dealer spins the wheel with a metal ball inside. If the ball lands on a segment corresponding to your bet, you win.

There are different types of casino roulettes with different RTPs. The one with the highest is European Roulette (97.3%). Choose it if you are playing for profit.


And now, back to the skill-dependent game. Blackjack is a table card game like poker. Your goal here is to collect a hand with cards closest to 21. To do it, you have to pick new cards and manipulate them carefully.

In Blackjack, you are not competing against other players, even though they are at the table too. You compete against a casino. So your win is restricted to your own bets, not others, like in poker.

Therefore Blackjack is still a viable option for profit, but Poker is more appealing. Before jumping into your Blackjack matches, learn all the available playing decisions and the cards’ values.

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