London, Canada: Innovations in 3D Technology Startups to Watch

January 5, 2024

Established in 2020, several innovative startups have begun operating in the 3D technology sector in London, England. These businesses leverage the revolutionary power of 3D technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality to provide novel services and products. This article will explore some of these enterprises that have not only bolstered the digital transformation but have also brought about a paradigm shift in different industries such as fashion, graphic design, gaming, and much more. The essence of these startups lies in their endeavour to reimagine and redefine traditional experiences through a digital lens.

Tackling the accessibility to 3D technology, these startups are pathbreakers in their respective fields, often combining fields like 3D technology with fashion or AR and VR with exercise. The pioneers of these startups are leveraging cutting edge technology to create new market spaces and craft unique customer experiences. Here, we celebrate the audacity of their ideas and their relentless pursuit towards realizing their digital dreams.

Here is a closer look at the startups that have been sculpting the 3D technology landscape in London, presenting vivid examples of how they are impacting their respective industries and clients.

Institute of Digital Fashion

The founders, Cat Taylor and Leanne Elliott-Young, have paved the way for a disruptive change in the fashion industry through the Institute of Digital Fashion. Their groundbreaking efforts towards the digitalization of garments, accessories, and environments are irrefutably noteworthy. They are leveraging AR/VR and NFTs to make the fashion industry more inclusive, sustainable and diverse. Connect with them on Twitter here and LinkedIn here.


POD LDN, founded by Adrienn Major, is a digital design firm that specializes in services like VFX, CGI, motion design, 3D technology, post-production, animation, and many others. You can check out their work here.


Founded by Konstantina Psoma and Roman Bromidge, Kaedim is changing the face of VR games and 3D art by allowing users to create 3D models from an image. Follow them on @kaedim3d and connect with them on LinkedIn.


PhotonLens, established by Chris Shi, Lisa Pan, and Yong Liu, specializes in the production of mixed reality smart glasses. They are redefining fitness and gaming experiences. Join the conversation on @photon_lens or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Disrupting the computer graphics industry, Haiper is utilizing modern machine-learning to deliver 3D reconstruction solutions.


YouNeed3D (YN3D) is a leading firm in 3D Asset and Infrastructure Visualization. They expertly utilize recent technology to develop 3D workflows. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


MSquared is developing a unique blockchain and cryptocurrency network that interlinks digital assets and organizations. Follow them on @msquared_io.

Second Winery

Founded by Eduardo Ferrín Lahoz, Second Winery is introducing wine enthusiasts and millennials to immersive and educational experiences about the wine-making process using digital 3D depictions of vineyards. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.


FLAR, founded by Bernard Omolafe, enables users to convert real objects into 3D models, which can be 3D printed or converted into augmented or virtual reality experiences. These creations can also be traded in the Metaverse. Follow them on LinkedIn.

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