Michael Lamport: Veryparanormal Aspires to Be a Great Source Of All Things Paranormal or in the Area of the Unexplained

January 26, 2022

At veryparanormal we aspire to be a great source of, basically, all things paranormal or in the area of the unexplained.  Many people throughout the world have beliefs or first hand experience with spirits, aliens and all kind of anomalies that occur in science as we know it.  We do not want to sensationalize these experiences, but show them in an objective manner.  To investigate events and discover the truth and to present it all on one site with easy access for all.

Tell us about yourself

I am Michael Lamport and my business partner, Gregory Sheppard and I come from a background of directing, acting, writing and producing film and television projects.  Several years ago we created the internationally acclaimed series “Rescue Mediums” for TV.  This was about psychics who visit homes and businesses that have experienced spirit activity.  It’s tagline is “psychics who make house calls.”  The series is completely true to the given circumstance and has research to back the findings up.  So, with 98 episodes under our belts it was inevitable that the area of the unexplained crept into our psyche!  Hence, we launched veryparanormal.com.

What advice would you give yourself two years ago?

I think the major advice in retrospect would be to make sure that the marketing plan for the business was unassailable.  It is an uphill battle to promote a new venture, in any field and persistence is of primary importance.  As Shakespeare wrote in a play, “screw your courage to the sticking point and we’ll not fail.”  That play was “MacBeth” and was really filled with witches and ghosts and prophecies…hmmm, I wonder why?

What problem does your business solve?

Veryparanormal.com solves the problem many people have with investigating and understanding the paranormal by offering the community that is fascinated by the unexplained a one-stop site where they can explore and discuss their passion. It helps people find and investigate answers to many deep-rooted questions including  is there life after death?

The inspiration

As I said, our sister company Lamport-Sheppard Entertainment has been involved in creating “Rescue Mediums” and shows like “Curious and Unusual Deaths.”  The full-on leap into the incredibly amazing world of the supernatural was an easy path to follow.

Magic Sauce

An interesting question indeed.  Personally, my favourite “magic sauce” is a spicy tomato and red wine based sauce for delicious pasta!  But the company’s magic source is the ability to search out people who have dedicated their lives to the supernatural as psychics, mediums, scientists and to find the areas of activity to explore.

What do we want to achieve in the next 5 years?

We aspire to be the world’s leading source of true paranormal evidence…through videos, tutorials, first-hand stories and historical events.  We aspire to put the “real” back into “reality” and to be a witness and resource for people who are interested in this path. 

Biggest challenges so far

This has been in effective recognition.  How do we get our site known to the world?  And how do we do it quickly?  As in every business, start-up funding is difficult to obtain and especially in an area that veryparanormal is in.  Right now our site is free to subscribe and watch and interact with the current content.  But we want to change that.  Make a subscription base of only fifty dollars per year…this will open up new avenues for us and we would also become a sort of “therapeutic advice” site for people who want answers to some unanswered questions.  And we also want to be an entertainment site, full of investigations into the spirit world and the like. 

How do people get involved/buy into the vision?

Firstly, someone or some organization that invests in start-ups and the like could offer funds in return for shares in the company.  Look to the future…imagine only one million subscribers at fifty dollars a year!  The math is simple.  The way individuals can get involved is to simply look at the site Veryparanormal.com and if it appeals then subscribe! 

It’s educational, sometimes scary, sometimes humorous but it is always interesting and fun.

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