Ontario’s Prominent Business Development Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Industry Landscape

January 3, 2024

Today, we turn our focus to some of the brightest startups founded in or after 2020, all of whom offer business development solutions, and call Ontario home. This article is part of an ongoing series where we shine the deserved spotlight on the groundbreaking startups that nurture and shape the Canadian startup ecosystem. With our lens on Ontario, we have noticed a trend with these startups: pushing boundaries to develop and deliver innovative solutions.

These nascent firms have made their mark in a short span of time and continue to redefine the business landscape across industries. They span a range of sectors—from big data and analytics to consulting firms and tech innovators. Let’s delve into these budding organizations that are at the forefront of business development, bringing forth exciting, game-changing ideas.

Whether it’s disrupting existing markets or creating entirely new ones, these startups are a testament to the vitality and creativity of Ontario’s thriving startup scene. Here’s a look at the businesses and their areas of specialty.

NowVertical Group

Based in Toronto, NowVertical Group is a big data, analytics, and Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services company that’s been growing both organically and through acquisition since 2020. The NOW product suite enables the creation of high-value VI solutions that are predictive in nature and drive automation specific to each high-value industry vertical. LinkedIn.


Also based in Toronto, Makeamom is a startup in the business development industry. Find them on Facebook and Twitter @makeamom.

Microdose Psychedelic Insights

Microdose Psychedelic Insights is in the advertising and business development sectors. Their headquarters are also in Toronto. LinkedIn. Twitter handle: @microdosehq


Divisional is a Toronto-based company specializing in advertising, business development, Email Marketing, and SEO. They work closely with their clients, investing in a deep understanding of the client’s business to create customized growth strategies. LinkedIn.

Bink X

Bink X is a business development and IT firm based in Toronto that focuses on creating omnichannel digital experiences quickly and efficiently. LinkedIn.

Avesbury Consulting

Avesbury Consulting, located in Mississauga, Ontario offers a suite of services such as business development, consulting, digital marketing, and management consulting. Avesbury utilizes a strategic, data-driven approach. LinkedIn



Plural, a consulting firm based in Toronto providing visionary leaders guidance for business organizational transformation. LinkedIn.


BusinessCobra, a high-quality business blog discussing in-depth topics related to starting, running, marketing, and selling a business. Located in Toronto. Stay connected to them via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @BusinesscobraO.

5D World

5D World, a Toronto-based firm with services spanning angel investment and health care business development. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


E-leevate, a Mississauga-based business specialising in e-commerce consultancy and business development. They address inventory management, support customer service and provide daily/weekly reports. Connect with them through LinkedIn or Facebook.


TotallyHR, a business development company specialising in human resources software. The Woodbridge, Ontario-based startup was co-founded by Harish Chauhan and Stuart Manchee. LinkedIn.

We look forward to seeing these companies thrive in the Canadian startup ecosystem, strengthen their foothold in respective sectors, and lay a foundation for future innovative startups to rise.

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