Ontario’s Trailblazing Computer Tech Startups Elevating Canada’s Digital Landscape

January 4, 2024

As a hub for technological innovation, Ontario is home to countless startups who are leveraging technology to solve problems and create solutions across various industries. Today, we dive into a few of these promising companies. They are all young, having been founded in 2020 or later, and they’re using cutting-edge computing technologies to shape the future. The advantages of this technological growth are far-reaching, with these startups creating jobs, fueling innovation, and bolstering Ontario’s position as a front-runner in the world of tech and startups. Let’s take a detailed look at these promising companies, all of which are currently headquartered in Ontario.


Founded by Jon Simpson and Raj Singh, Altrio is a part of both the computer and real estate investment industries. Their product, Origin, leverages data and insights to streamline the work of real estate investment teams and enhance their investments. Altrio is harnessing the power of technology to help real estate investors and managers, work more efficiently and reach greater heights. Altrio on LinkedIn

Daily Blends

Daily Blends, founded by Shriya Gupta is a startup operating in the software industry. They’re creating a new retail technology platform to enhance the consumer and retail experience. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.


This startup is the brainchild of Anik Seth, Jiping Sun, and Kiran Kadekoppa. HUEX Labs’ primary product is AiDA, an Automated Intelligent Digital Assistant that aids businesses with customer conversation handling in live industry environments. From taking orders to handling inquiries and requests, AiDA offers a human-like touch to improve the overall guest experience. Get more details from HUEX Labs on LinkedIn.

SBX Robotics

SBX Robotics, co-founded by Ian Dewancker and Josh Kuntz, is a company that builds better computer vision models with synthetic data. They combine the best of real and synthetic image data to improve machine learning and robotics. Learn more about SBX Robotics on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

NoLeak Defence

NoLeak Defence, pioneered by Rafael Libardi, is making strides in the artificial intelligence and network security sectors. They’ve developed an AI-based system that identifies suspicious activities through cameras and creates a risk score for monitored environments. Visit NoLeak Defence on LinkedIn for more info.

Xigem Technologies

Xigem Technologies, founded by Brian Kalish, operates in information technology, internet, SaaS, and software industries. They are developing a tech solution known for its startup expertise and proficiency in capital, media, and markets. Learn more from Xigem’s Facebook Page or LinkedIn page.

Acies AI

Created by Jonathan Keebler, Acies AI is ascending rapidly in the fields of artificial intelligence, fintech, and business intelligence. You can get more insights on Acies AI’s LinkedIn page.


Candr is a Toronto-based digital fundraising solution dedicated to creating a frictionless giving experience by enabling modern payment methods, to engage donors and ultimately raise more funds for charity. Nonprofits are using Candr to cater for the new age of online fundraising. We use rapidly deployed web apps to bring the most seamless, premium experience to anyone that has a mobile device – QR code giving, donation forms, Donor Management, fundraisers, events, email receipting and more. We don’t believe in the traditional SaaS subscription model. With Candr, there are $0 monthly fees, Unlimited records, Unlimited users and access to our whole suite of features. We utilize a 100% transparent application fee per donation model. We believe giving should be frictionless, so that you’ll do it again and that’s why our donations are processed in JUST 16 seconds! . For getting more details, their LinkedIn page can be visited.


Based in Burlington, Curabit is a chatbot, and analytics service provider serves customer-centric small and medium businesses. Their subscription-based services are available on their Facebook page or LinkedIn page.

ETLOK Studios

ETLOK Studios, led by the Kolte brothers, is based in Toronto’s computing, gaming, and software industry. They are building exciting innovations which can be explored on their LinkedIn page.

Hackers for Change

Last but not least, Hackers For Change is a non-profit organization in the cybersecurity sector. They’re educating and empowering charities to protect computer and information systems, providing industry-quality cybersecurity services for free, while training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Hackers For Change on Facebook and LinkedIn pages offer more information.

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