Quebec’s Innovative Consulting Startups Revolutionizing Canadian Business Landscape

January 3, 2024

The Canadian consulting industry is demonstrating a consistent record of growth, especially in the province of Quebec, where several new startups have emerged since 2020. These startups are innovating traditional business practices and transcending technology to pursue new business models and services. This article will introduce some of these promising Quebec-based consulting startups.

While the consulting industry has a broad scope, many of these startups center their services around new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics. A considerable portion of them also engage in providing professional and financial services. Let’s delve further into these innovative companies:

The following are some of the most promising consulting startups in Quebec, Canada:

Montreal Analytics

While details about the founders are unavailable, this company is known for its specialization in the Analytics, Association, Consulting, and Professional Services sectors. More details about this company can be found on their LinkedIn page and they are also available on Twitter at the handle @mtl_analytics.

Berkindale Analytics

Located in Montréal, Berkindale Analytics is a renowned name that couples Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to provide top-notch analytics. They have established their place in financial technologies through deep expertise. Stay updated with their growth and updates via their LinkedIn account or their Twitter handle @berkindale.


With their focus on Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Financial Services, and the Internet, ElligencIA is another noteworthy startup from Montreal. To know more about them, follow their Facebook and LinkedIn pages or catch them on Twitter at @elligencia.

Devotek Construction

Devotek Construction offers project execution, consulting services, and project management in all areas of construction. Their online inquiry form allows ease of communication for prospective clients. Regular updates can be tracked from their LinkedIn page or via their Twitter handle @devotek.

Drone Des Champs Inc.

As the only expert in liquid, solid, and capsule spraying with drones, Drone Des Champs leads drone-based services for farming and environmental industries in Canada. They’re dedicated to accelerating their clients’ ecological transition. This startup was founded by Gil Weis, Nicolas Deschamps, and Sophie Chainel. Connect with them onFacebook and LinkedIn pages.


Pinq2, based in Sherbrooke, is a company committed to advancing business development and consulting. Keep up with them on their LinkedIn page.


With their operations centered on Consulting, Employment, and Recruiting, Reelcruit aims to create ripples in the industry. Stay updated with their activities through theirFacebook and LinkedIn pages or their Twitter handle @Reelcruit.


CEIMIA is adapting Artificial Intelligence in Consulting and Information Technology. Follow them on their LinkedIn page.


Sparkwise is making the most of technology through its services in Business Development, Consulting, IT Management, and Professional Services. Connect with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


With its focus on Consulting, Information Technology, and Training, Innovarok is another Montreal-based startup to look out for. Know more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Stratemia is a consulting startup delivering services across Artificial Intelligence, Business Development, Consulting, and Industrial Automation. Keep track of their updates and growth via their LinkedIn page.

We’re eagerly anticipating the upcoming transformations and contributions these startups will bring to the consulting industry, both at the national and international levels. As they continue refining their offerings and expanding their horizons, our team at Beststartup Canada will keep a close eye on their journey!

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