Revolutionizing Analytics: Remarkable Calgary-based Startups Redefining Canadian Industry

January 5, 2024

It’s always inspiring to witness the rise and development of startups, especially those that bring forth innovative solutions and services. This is exactly the case with some of the most recent startups in the Analytics industry, all headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Emerging despite adversity, these startups showcase determination, ingenuity, and a promising future for this rapidly evolving industry.

In this series, we place these startups into the spotlight, offering you a glimpse into their inception, their journey so far, and their potential. We’ve carefully selected a diverse array of companies that have been founded in 2020 or later, all operating within the Analytics industry. Ranging from big data and lead generation, consulting, to cloud computing and machine learning, these startups are indeed creating a wave of change. Each of them contributes not only to the growth and diversification of their industry but also to the economic growth and technological progression of Calgary and Canada.

Here’s a look at these promising startups, each making their mark within the analytics domain.


Having its niche in big data, data analysis, customer experience, data analytics, sales, and lead generation, Ownly operates within the Analytics, Big Data, Lead Generation, Real Estate, Software industry. They bring a new approach to data analytics within the real estate landscape.

Digitally Measured

Digitally Measured is another startup worth monitoring. Providing analytics and consulting services, they are redefining the way businesses leverage technology for decision-making, growth, and transformation.


Positioned at the intersection of analytics, cloud computing, information technology, machine learning, and the oil and gas industry, RevSolz offers data-driven, innovative solutions for companies in search for digital transformation and operational efficiency.

Rolling Insights

Founded by Steven Kenway, Rolling Insights taps into the power of data analytics for the fantasy sports industry. The startup provides unique tools for understanding and using your fantasy sports data to the fullest.


OPX Ai, founded by Jai Kumar Joon, works within analytics, artificial intelligence, consulting, information technology, machine learning, service industry, software, and web development. Not only do they connect instruments and sensors to data and workers, but they also bring operational excellence and artificial intelligence expertise.


Founded by Abdullah Choudhry, Alex Todorovic, Ben Grande, and Danny Grande, Arbor empowers companies with the ability to measure, improve, and showcase the sustainability of their products. They utilize proprietary environmental and societal datasets for this purpose, making strides in the area of sustainability.


Founded by Brook Papau and Tanya Baeza, Orennia is all about commercial analytics for the renewable and zero-carbon energy sector. Their insights help investors make confident investment decisions.

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