Revolutionizing Asset Management: Canadian Startups Thriving in Sydney

January 6, 2024

Canada is home to a thriving startup culture, defined by innovation and entrepreneurial zest. In particular, Canadian startups located in Sydney and operating in the Asset Management industry have been making noticeable strides. With these businesses pushing boundaries and disrupting the status quo, it’s an exciting space to observe. Here’s a closer look at some of the most exciting startups, all with an inception from 2020 or later, in the Asset Management industry headquartered in Sydney:

These startups deal with management in multiple sectors, such as commercial lending, financial services, artificial intelligence, property and natural resources, and consulting. They are harnessing technology and innovation to revolutionize the traditional narratives of asset management.

Let’s delve into the profiles of these promising startups and understand how they are engineering a revolution in the asset management industry with their unique business models and value propositions.


Located in Sydney, Maple operates in the Asset Management, Commercial Lending, Financial Services, and Funding Platform sectors. Founded by Jamie Stenhouse, Maple has a mission to streamline commercial finance by creating a user-friendly platform for entrepreneurs and businesses. Connect with Maple on Linkedin.

Aequitas Investment Partners

Aequitas Investment Partners is based in Sydney, offering services in sectors of Asset Management, Financial Services, Impact Investing, and Professional Services. Despite being relatively new, Aequitas has already carved a niche in the financial services industry. Find out more about Aequitas on Linkedin.


Servicely, an innovative startup founded by Dion Williams, operates in the cross-sections of Artificial Intelligence, Asset Management, and IT Management domains. Servicely’s AI-powered platform revolutionizes service management by automating workflows. Follow Servicely on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.


Founded by Alex Logan, Cecil operates in the Asset Management and Natural Resource sector in Sydney. Cecil’s unique platform is designed for scaling teams and businesses, contributing to sustainable growth. Connect with Cecil on Linkedin and Twitter.


Sydney-based Novus works towards monitoring property, maximizing property revenue for clients, and aligning with property development companies, asset management companies, and more. With a keen focus on sustainable and responsible actions, Novus holds a sure place in the future of the industry. Get to know Novus on Linkedin.

Goodman Grant

Headquartered in North Sydney, Goodman Grant is founded by Justin Fox works in Asset Management and Consulting among others. Goodman Grant is known for delivering sharp and edge-cutting solutions within the financial sector. Connect with Goodman Grant on Linkedin.

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