Revolutionizing Computer Startups: Canadian Innovations Thriving in London Base

January 3, 2024

Welcome to our newest series focused on the thriving Canadian startup ecosystem. Today, we will showcase some of the most exciting emerging ventures in the Computer Industry. These startups, all established in 2020 or later, have their headquarters in London, bringing together international elements from across the world. They are all pushing forward the boundaries of industry excellence through cutting edge technology, innovative vision and breakthrough transformations.

Whether it’s AI, cybersecurity, or virtual reality, these startups exemplify the best of London’s innovative spirit, turning imaginative concepts into practical, groundbreaking solutions. As we look to the future, their work provides a snapshot of where the computer industry is headed, holding profound implications for various sectors around the world. These London-based start-ups highlight the city’s forward-thinking approach to tech.

Here’s a look at 12 startups leading the way in reimagining how technology can enhance human lives and work, with details about their operations, founders and the diverse industries they’re revolutionizing.


Founded by David Barber, Emine Yilmaz, Jordan Burgess, Peter Hayes, Humanloop works on artificial Intelligence, human-computer interaction, machine learning, and software development. They build NLP models that continuously improve and offer tools to developers building intelligent apps and workflows. Connect with them via Linkedin.


Cord, founded by Jackson Gabbard helps in streamlining app connectivity. This London-based platform acts as the connecting bridge between any and all apps. You can find out more about Cord on Linkedin or follow them on Twitter.

Superfluid Finance

With founders Francesco Renzi, Michele D’Aliessi, and Zhicheng Miao, Superfluid Finance is transforming the way assets move in decentralized finance. Find them on their LinkedIn page and follow their updates on Twitter.

Virtex Stadium

Founded by Christoph Ortlepp, Virtex Stadium is an esports-focused virtual stadium developer bringing fans closer to the game by creating immersive esports experiences. Find out more about Virtex Stadium on Linkedin and follow them on Twitter.


Encord is a comprehensive AI-assisted framework for collaboratively annotating data, fixing dataset errors, and diagnosing model errors & biases. Founded by Eric Landau, Leeho Lim, and Ulrik Stig Hansen, you can connect with them on their Linkedin here or follow them on Twitter.


Captur is an AI image data platform that provides image quality detection, instant decisions, and workflow specific detection solutions. Find more information about Captur on their Linkedin page and follow them on Twitter.


Founders Campbell Paton and Sam Beedell founded StoreLab a mobile tech company that develops mobile applications for brands advertising and marketing. You can connect with StoreLab on LinkedIn.


Founded by Kanwal Bhatia, Metalynx empowers data owners and domain experts to create their own computer vision applications with minimal technical training.


Founders Abhi Arora and Deniz Cicek Elitez came up with Verchable a company in the Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Video industry. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page or Facebook.


Founded by Andy Clarke, Philip Spain, and Sean Powell, Evidenced is an IT company focusing on software and recruitment. Check out more about the company on their LinkedIn page.


CovertSwarm founded by Anders Reeves focuses on providing cutting-edge solutions in the field of cybersecurity and IT management. Connect with them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.

Each of these startups is shaping a brighter, more innovative future through their pioneering efforts. As these cutting-edge companies continue to prove, London is a prime location for creativity and industry-leading advancement. Watch this space for more in our continuing series on Canada’s best startups!

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