Revolutionizing Style: Quebec’s Top 15 Fashion Innovators

November 22, 2023

1. SOLIOS: Timeless Elegance Meets Eco-Innovation

  • Website: SOLIOS Watches
  • Description: Crafting solar-powered timepieces, SOLIOS is redefining the watch industry with its eco-friendly approach.

2. Parmi Lifewear: For the Love of the Outdoors

  • Website: Parmi Lifewear
  • Description: Offering durable outdoor essentials, Parmi Lifewear is the go-to brand for adults and kids embracing outdoor adventures.

3. Olmsted Outerwear: Inspired by Montreal’s Winters

  • Website: Olmsted Outerwear
  • Description: Olmsted creates natural outerwear, perfect for braving Montreal’s chilly weather in style.

4. Resold: Luxury Fashion, Reimagined

  • Website: Resold
  • Description: Resold brings pre-owned luxury fashion to your doorstep, promoting sustainability in high-end style.

5. Inco Group: The Fashion Solution Providers

  • Website: Inco Group
  • Description: Specializing in import and manufacturing solutions, Inco Group is a key player in Quebec’s fashion supply chain.

6. CapTen Hats: Caps with a Statement

  • Website: CapTen Hats
  • Description: CapTen offers a diverse range of caps, combining style and quality in every design.

7. KOOL Apparel: Fashion for Mental Health Awareness

  • Website: KOOL Apparel
  • Description: KOOL Apparel blends fashion with a cause, promoting mental health awareness through their clothing line.

8. Vlyy AI Inc.: Your Personal Fashion AI

  • Website: Vlyy AI Inc.
  • Description: Vlyy AI Inc. offers personalized fashion recommendations using cutting-edge AI, simplifying your shopping experience.

9. D&M Brands: A Collective of Independent Fashion

  • Website: D&M Brands
  • Description: This online platform showcases a variety of independent clothing brands, offering unique and diverse fashion choices.

10. Atypic Equipment: Sporty and Stylish

  • Website: Atypic Equipment
  • Description: From sweaters to insulated jackets, Atypic Equipment offers stylish and functional outdoor clothing.

11. One Bone: Inclusive Fashion for Everyone

  • Website: One Bone
  • Description: One Bone is dedicated to creating apparel that suits all body types, emphasizing inclusivity in fashion.

12. Angie Wood Creations Inc.: Nature Meets Fashion

  • Website: Angie Wood Creations Inc.
  • Description: Specializing in wooden fashion accessories, this brand brings a unique, natural aesthetic to the fashion world.

13. Jadeore: Exquisite Jade Jewelry

  • Website: Jadeore
  • Description: As a leader in jade jewelry, Jadeore offers elegant and timeless pieces for every occasion.

14. Nationhats: Crafting Professional Hats

  • Website: Nationhats
  • Description: Nationhats combines traditional hat-making techniques with modern designs, catering to diverse styles.

15. Trendy Swimwear for Every Woman

  • Website:
  • Description: Offering a wide range of stylish swimsuits and accessories, is the ultimate destination for summer fashion.

Explore these trailblazing brands and embrace the innovation and creativity flourishing in Quebec’s fashion industry.

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