Showcasing Toronto’s Premier Consulting Startups Elevating the Canadian Market

January 3, 2024

In the heart of Canada’s largest city, Toronto, numerous startups have blossomed in the recent years, particularly those founded in 2020 or later. These newcomers have brought vibrant energy and innovative ideas to the city’s business ecosystem. In this post, we highlight some of the emerging stars of 2020 from Toronto’s consulting industry, showcasing their unique offerings and growth prospects.

The strategies employed by these startups vary, with some focused on cutting-edge technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, while others focus on digital marketing, wellness, life coaching, e-commerce solutions, and more. Regardless of the focus areas, these startups share a common theme: the ability to address complex challenges with fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

Join us as we delve into a snapshot of these exciting firms, offering a glimpse into what these high-growth startups are doing to redefine the consulting industry in Toronto, Canada.

Lavin Media

Spearheaded by founders Anton Havorka and Sergey Kisyuk, Lavin Media provides a modern solution to sales development challenges. Their digital marketing efforts complement a suite of customizable services, such as business advice, data analysis and recruitment support, designed to generate accelerated sales. By combining multiple facets of the business world, Lavin Media is shaping a new way of tackling sales development. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Charged Particles

At the forefront of fintech and blockchain, Charged Particles is redefining digital finance. Founders Ben Lakoff and Rob Secord, have developed a non-fungible token protocol that enables users to deposit digital assets inside their non-fungible tokens, blending art with finance in a novel way. Join their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Life coaching takes on a new flavour with Bloom. Specializing in coaching programs for adults, Bloom helps individuals give shape to their life plans. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Bit Complete

Driven by the expertise of Dylan Trotter and Matt Schweitz, Bit Complete offers top-notch solutions in software engineering and consultation. You can find Bit Complete on LinkedIn.

A Medical Partner

A Medical Partner focuses on the healthcare industry, providing consultation services. Ranging from dental health to overall healthcare, A Medical Partner is improving the medical industry through expert consulting. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


The online presence of businesses sees a dynamic shift with Surfable. They design lightning-fast websites that not only boost SEO visibility but also retain visitor attention and drive conversions. Engage with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ambitious strides in the field of artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure, consulting, and machine learning are being made by Accelerified. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Mark Raheja in 2020, Plural partners with visionary leaders on an expedition to transform organizational structures, leadership methods, and work styles. Join their innovation on LinkedIn.

Chec Labs

Chec Labs is contributing significantly to the wellness sector through consultation. Discover more about Chec Labs on LinkedIn.

B2M Asia

Specializing in consultation, e-commerce solutions, and information services, B2M Asia is helping small and medium businesses to thrive. Join their growth journey on LinkedIn.

Transitions Realty

Transitions Realty brings a fresh perspective to property management and consultation in the real estate industry. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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