Spotlight on Cambridge’s Emerging Canadian Analytics Startups

January 5, 2024


Cambridge is a city brimming with innovation, home to some of the most exciting new startups of the last year. From machine learning to analytics, these companies are leveraging modern technology to create disruptive solutions. The new crop of analytics startups in Cambridge range from those using AI to make regulatory content more accessible, to companies making 3D data more utilizable.

These startups have been formed with the spirit of innovation and the aspiration to bring something new to the table. In this piece, we will place our focus on those companies that were established in or after 2020 and are bringing change to the analytics industry. We’ll take a closer look at their journeys, the services they provide, and their potential impact on the industry.

As you go through the list, keep in mind that the location of these startups extends beyond the boundaries of a single city, across the Atlantic, showcasing the global reach that Cambridge’s startup scene has to offer.

Regulatory Genome

Based in Cambridge, Regulatory Genome is contributing significantly to the artificial intelligence and machine learning industry. Established in 2020, they provide dynamic, granular, and interoperable machine-readable regulatory content. This service is powered by AI-based textual information extraction techniques, which help regulatory authorities and organizations enrich their regulatory intelligence.


Another Cambridge-based company, Candelytics, is creating digital infrastructure to support the proliferation of 3D data. Partnered with the Navy Information Warfare Center’s research lab, they’re developing advanced analytics to revolutionize the use of 3D data across diverse operational environments.


Focused on big data visualization and exploration, our third startup, Hopara, aims to refine and optimize BI/ML efforts for better, faster results. The company, also based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, provides valuable solutions to the industry.


Founded by Danny Ralph, Michelle Tuveson, and Simon Ruffle, Risilience is offering an analytics and SaaS platform for businesses to appraise their climate change risks and handle their transition to attain net zero emissions. Headquartered in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Risilience provides critical services for businesses to tackle climate change effectively.


In the ever-growing analytics field, TimeNavi is a refreshing addition. Through an app and email-based time management course, they provide tools such as a personal and team analytics dashboard, time management crash course, and custom lessons to help users improve their time management skills and overall productivity.

Co-founded by Alex Ramirez, Christian Dittmeier, and Cody Bouche, Evaluate.Marketis a non-fungible token calculator platform created to analyze, track, and discover NFTs. The platform includes functionalities to buy, sell and understand the decisions around NFTs, providing a comprehensive service for this emerging market.


Founded by Dan Ros, Donatien Garnier, and Simon Ford, Blecon is a network infrastructure that enables SaaS/Cloud application developers to accommodate low-cost Bluetooth low-energy IoT devices. Operating from Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Blecon delivers streamlined services to enhance app management.

Wave Photonics

Founded by James Lee and Matthew A., Wave Photonics uses computational techniques to expedite integrated photonics product designs. Their platform allows optimized designs and streamlined integration between the supply chain, creating a foundry-specific component library.

**Note: Some companies and their information have been omitted due to lack of data. Please provide sufficient data to include them in the article.**

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