Spotlight on Emerging Canadian Computer Industry Startups Revolutionizing Tech Landscape

January 3, 2024

The Canadian technology scene is on a steep rise and 2020 made no exception. Even amidst a global pandemic, Canadian entrepreneurs took on the challenge to bring new ideas to life, addressing the technological needs of the new reality. From automation and conveniency software, to state-of-the-art cybersecurity systems, all the way to groundbreaking quantum processors, our roster of companies are setting the stage for what’s to come in the Canadian tech landscape. Toronto, known as the Silicon Valley of the North, and other high-growth cities across Canada are becoming increasingly renowned in the global tech ecosystem, with startups revolutionizing multiple sectors.

Our selection includes startups that launched in 2020 or later, proving that innovation won’t stay off the table, even when the world hits a pause. We also made sure to explore various industries, recognizing that technology is embodied everywhere, from real estate to human resources, logistics, and beyond. You’ll find a diversification of computer startups varying in size and focus, with each startup offering unique value in their industry.

Let’s discover these start-ups, learn about their story, products or services, and how they are making waves in their respective sectors. Intrigue continues to build as we foresee how their journey unfolds in promoting technological development in Canada and worldwide.


Located in the heart of technology innovation, Toronto, Altrio was founded by Jon Simpson and Raj Singh. This innovative startup merges the world of computers with real estate investment by developing comprehensive software for deal teams and real estate investors, enhancing their investments through integrated data and insights. Learn more about their mission and advancements on their LinkedIn page.

Daily Blends

Also based in Toronto, Daily Blends is a startup launched by Shriya Gupta that is easing the retail industry with a new platform technology. Find them on LinkedIn.


Vancouver-based Ariglad, co-founded by Ali Avci and Sophie Wyne, offers solutions in Human Resources through digital means. Stay updated with their progress on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Nord Quantique

Situated in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Nord Quantique thrives in the computer hardware industry, creating quantum processors with revolutionary technology. Catch them on LinkedIn.


Innovation is at the heart of Toronto-based HUEX Labs. Founded by Anik Seth, Jiping Sun, and Kiran Kadekoppa, they developed a voice-enabled digital assistant that transforms customer service experiences across various industries. Learn more on LinkedIn.

Operating from Montreal, founded by Edward Ko and Hoang Ngo provides automated solutions enhancing enterprise productivity. Dive into their compelling story on LinkedIn.

SBX Robotics

SBX Robotics, launched by Ian Dewancker and Josh Kuntz in Toronto, is advancing AI, Robotics, and Computer Vision with synthetic data. Stay connected on LinkedIn and Facebook.

NoLeak Defence

NoLeak Defence, led by Rafael Libardi in Toronto, revolutionizes cybersecurity with its AI-based system for identifying suspicious activities. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Xigem Technologies

Based in Vaughan, Ontario, Xigem Technologies, founded by Brian Kalish, is setting the SaaS game to another level. Follow their journey on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Acies Ai

Acies Ai founded by Jonathan Keebler in Toronto combines AI with Fintech to offer cutting-edge solutions. Find out more on LinkedIn.


Candr is a Toronto-based digital fundraising solution dedicated to creating a frictionless giving experience by enabling modern payment methods, to engage donors and ultimately raise more funds for charity. Nonprofits are using Candr to cater for the new age of online fundraising. We use rapidly deployed web apps to bring the most seamless, premium experience to anyone that has a mobile device – QR code giving, donation forms, Donor Management, fundraisers, events, email receipting and more. We don’t believe in the traditional SaaS subscription model. With Candr, there are $0 monthly fees, Unlimited records, Unlimited users and access to our whole suite of features. We utilize a 100% transparent application fee per donation model. We believe giving should be frictionless, so that you’ll do it again and that’s why our donations are processed in JUST 16 seconds! . For getting more details, their LinkedIn page can be visited.

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