Spotlight on Ontario: Pioneering Canadian Construction Startups to Watch

January 4, 2024

Canada is home to an emerging collection of startups that are driving innovation in the construction industry. These startups are leveraging technology to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and introduce new ways to design, build, and maintain structures. As part of the construction landscape, they are addressing current challenges and seeking to shape the future of the industry. The following showcases a selection of Ontario-based startups that were founded in 2020 or later, all making exciting advancements in the construction sector.

The construction industry is ripe for disruption, and these startups are on the leading edge of the changes that are happening. Many of these companies are turning to technology to help improve the way we design, build, and maintain our infrastructure and residential buildings. They are all contributing to a more sustainable, efficient, and innovative construction industry and are setting the foundation for how construction will be conducted in the future.

These startups span a broad range of offerings and capabilities, from 3D technology and virtual reality to asset management and machine learning. While their approaches and technologies may vary, they all share a commitment to shaking up the traditional construction landscape and carving out a new, tech-forward path in this critical industry. Let’s take a closer look at each of these trailblazing firms.


Based in Toronto, ICAREUM is harnessing 3D technology, smart building concepts, and virtual reality to revolutionize pre-construction and architectural visualization. Founded by Dan Merriam and Danila Solovov, the startup is a robust community of programmers, developers, designers, architects, and professionals who believe in using technology to bring about positive change. Learn more about ICAREUM on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Future Condos

Future Condos, set up in Oakville, serves as a marketplace for pre-construction homes, linking investors directly to developers. The brainchild of Abdul Al-Janabi and Sydney Collins, Future Condos streamlines developer workflows and enhances efficiency. More about Future Condos can be found through their LinkedIn profile.


Founders Luke Begley and Travis Dunn established CircuitIQ in Petersburg, an innovative startup specializing in construction, electrical distribution, and mapping services. Follow CircuitIQ on LinkedIn and on Twitter @circuitiqinc for updates.

Avebury Equity Partners

Founded by Corey Hawtin, Toronto-based Avebury Equity Partners operates in the construction, real estate, and asset management domain. Check out their LinkedIn page for more information.

Neatt Communities

In Milton, Neatt Communities is dedicated to creating thoughtful and progressive societies. This startup offers construction, consulting, and real estate-based services. Stay updated with their latest ventures by connecting on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Rendoodle Inc.

Vaughan-based startup Rendoodle Inc. features in the construction and software sector. Stay updated with its latest developments through its LinkedIn profile.

Machine Learning Estimation

Headquartered in Toronto, Machine Learning Estimation was founded by David Yang and Michael Lawton. This startup provides software that creates detailed quantity take-offs from building designs. Check out their LinkedIn page for more information.


Bidmii, located in Toronto, connects homeowners with reliable contractors. Founded by Jon Christensen and Phillip Stack, Bidmii aims at facilitating homeowners’ project completion and helping contractors in finding the right jobs. Get updates from Bidmii on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Also, follow them on Twitter @bidmii.

PledgX Inc.

Based in Toronto, PledgX Inc. is an AI-driven performance monitoring platform for the construction industry. Founded by Ben Arber, Jimmy Chan, Josef Zankowicz, and Satya Vattekat, PledgX provides real-time insights for contractors. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn, and get their latest updates on Twitter @pledgx.

Promise Robotics

Founded by Ramtin Attar and Reza Nasseri in Toronto, Promise Robotics harnesses industrialized robotics and AI in the construction industry to produce affordable and sustainable buildings. Learn more about Promise Robotics on their LinkedIn page.

Level 44

Born in Toronto, Level 44 is a design-build contractor providing high-quality remodeling services. Read more about their offerings on their LinkedIn page.

These are just a few of the innovative startups located in Ontario, Canada that are making waves in the construction industry; each of these companies holds the promise of shaping a more efficient, sustainable, and forward-thinking future for construction.

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