Spotlight on Toronto’s Consumer-Driven Startups Revolutionizing Canadian Market

January 29, 2024

Recently, many innovative startups have emerged from Toronto, Ontario, particularly in the consumer industry, making a significant impact on the market. Founded in 2020 or later, these startups span multiple sectors, including beauty, manufacturing, retail, technology, e-commerce, health and nutrition, advertising, and art. They have achieved impressive growth in a short period, indicating promising potential for their future. Let’s delve into the unique offerings of these startups and understand why they have become the talk of the town.

The startup ecosystem in Toronto is rich with new ideas and innovative solutions being brought forward by these promising companies. Whether it be aesthetic and wellness services, green consumer goods, or cutting-edge software and tech solution, each company brings forth an original vision aiming to truly uplift their respective sectors. Despite the pandemic’s initial hit on the economy, these startups are doing well, attracting consumer interest and possibly investors too.

What makes these startups stand out is how they are making smart use of technology and the internet to reach out to their customers efficiently. A majority of these startups operate through user-friendly websites and mobile apps, enhancing the user experience and ensuring customer satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look as to why these startups have been garnering attention in recent times.


Founded by Al-Ameen Ogundiran, Jeffrey Fasegha, and Olugbenga Olubanjo, Fyyne is an app-based platform for finding and booking beauty artists. Fyyne acts as a bridge between beauty artists and potential customers, providing an easy-to-use system for transactions, and helping beauty artists build their brands and connect directly with their customers. With its headquarters in Toronto and a presence in major cities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Fyyne is becoming the go-to stop for beauty service bookings.


Papaya is a startup targeting the consumer goods, manufacturing, product design, and sales industries. While there isn’t much disclosed about the founders or its specific offering, Papaya appears to be a promising entrant, and we’re excited to see what they bring to the table.

Model Living

Jeff Ralphs and Luciano D’Angelo’s Model Living is transforming the cabinetry industry with custom designs for each kitchen, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, quality driven, and unique kitchen for every client. They provide a range of home renovation services, including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, flooring, and painting.


Dux, a Toronto-based startup founded by Arnab Barua and Martin Gagne, is providing an all-encompassing software to create and share digital instruction manuals for product manufacturers. It is a cost-effective and more sustainable solution as compared to traditional paper manuals and enables easy access for consumers.


SIDIA is a creative lifestyle brand providing consumer goods that align with the modern consumer’s aesthetic and functional requirements. Although the names of the founders aren’t disclosed, SIDIA has managed to carve out its place in the highly competitive fashion and consumer goods industry.

Antiseptic Pro

AntisepticPro, a bio-technology manufacturer, is catering to the health and wellness needs of consumers with their range of natural supplements, wellness products, and sanitizers. Their products are aimed at boosting immunity and promoting overall health, catering to both small and large businesses.


Founded by Andrew Mawer, Proforo is a marketing-agency-turned-startup that provides data-driven marketing solutions, comprehensive business reviews, and unique advertising strategies to clients.

Cart Hero

Cart Hero is a software-based startup operating through a mobile app. Detailed information about the founders and the services provided is yet to be disclosed, but the company is making strides in the consumer software sector.

SRS Scoop

SRS Scoop is a food innovation startup that provides high protein, hemp-infused almond butters. Despite being a market newcomer, they are driving innovation in the food industry by blending health with taste.


Amir Hashemi, Farokh Shahabi, Hasan Noori, and Mehrnoosh Baratpour’s Formaloo is a no-code platform helping businesses create custom data-driven business applications, automate their processes and engage their audience. They provide a drag-and-drop tool that allows businesses to develop software quickly without coding.


Created by Adam Meghji and Craig Follett, Peggy is a secure marketplace for investment-grade art. By making art affordable, Peggy allows everyone to buy incredible art pieces, making them truly accessible to the public while also supporting emerging artists.

In conclusion, these innovative startups are not only making their make in their respective industries, but they’re also contributing to the growing reputation of Toronto as a hub for entrepreneurship. And as they further grow and evolve, we can expect to see more great things from them in the coming years.

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