Spotlight on Toronto’s Innovative Computer Vision Startups in Canada

January 6, 2024

Welcome to a fresh feature edition of our ongoing series, where we spotlight exceptionally innovative startups located in the heart of Canada. Today, we’re honing in on Toronto, with a particular emphasis on Computer Vision startups established in 2020 and clearly, carving their niche in the industry. From firms employing machine learning to accomplish critical tasks in construction to companies who bring AI’s power to industries such as retail, healthcare and home security, we’ve got a captivating line-up. Let’s dive in!


Situated in Toronto, HUEX Labs operates at the nexus of varied sectors inclusive of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Retail, Hospitality, and Software. Founded by Anik Seth, Jiping Sun, and Kiran Kadekoppa, the company focuses on creating AiDA- a voice-enabled digital assistant. AiDA aids businesses in handling customer inquiries and requests with ease, all through a human-like interaction, thereby enhancing customer experience exponentially. Learn more about HUEX Labs here.

SBX Robotics

Co-founded by Ian Dewancker and Josh Kuntz, SBX Robotics succeeds in effectively improving computer vision models by combining real and synthetic image data. Situated in Toronto, the company significantly contributes to the Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Robotics, and Software sectors. Visit their Facebook or catch their updates on LinkedIn.

Machine Learning Estimation

In the construction industry, Machine Learning Estimation, founded by David Yang and Michael Lawton, has marked their presence with software which provides detailed quantity take-off in building designs. It enables quick PDF upload of designs and offers downloadable marked-up versions, ideally synchronized with the existing estimating program. More about them can be found here.

Fortius Labs

Founded by Abdelhamid El Bably and Benjamin Lee, Fortius Labs uses proprietary computer vision algorithms to analyze 3D human motion from simple webcam/smartphone videos and provide movement-based injury risk assessments. their creations are tailored to identify injury risks and provide effective exercise solutions. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Wolf iris AI

Wolf iris AI, headquartered in Toronto, introduces a proactive approach to home and business security. Through AI-powered, 24/7 LIVE video monitoring, they pre-emptively detect and react to security incidents. Keep up-to-date with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founder Raza Jafri’s METAWORLDX harnesses the power of digital twin technology to visualize, interact, and explore past, present, and future environments. Providing invaluable insights for planning, engineering, and information analysis, their tech is a game-changer. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, the remarkable advancements these startups bring to the plate are reshaping the computer vision landscape, with the startup ecosystem’s vibrancy in Toronto contributing to pushing the bounds of technology. Watch this space to find out more about innovative startups emerging fresh from Canada’s tech cradle.

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