Spotlight on Toronto’s Thriving Web Development Startup Scene in Canada

January 29, 2024

Emerging from the city known as the Silicon Valley of the North, a pack of innovative companies has taken up the mantle of pushing boundaries within the web development industry. Born in 2020 out of Toronto, Ontario, these startups have taken the tech world by storm with their inventive solutions to modern day tech challenges. In this feature, we present the impressive portfolio of startups operating in web development, app creation, and information technology and give an insight into what makes each of them unique in their own right.

In a world driven by data and internet services, the demand for cutting-edge technology and advanced digital solutions has never been higher. This makes the web development industry a powerhouse of innovation and interesting ideas that redefine the way businesses operate in this digital era. The Toronto tech scene has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, with its companies creating unprecedented solutions that deliver exemplary results.

This article serves as a spotlight on some of the Toronto-based startups providing outstanding services in web development and related industries. Get to know these innovative companies, explore their offerings, and stay connected with their ongoing ventures.

IT Solutions and Services By Team4techsolutions

Team4techsolutions is a leading IT Services provider in Canada specializing in consulting, IT training services, web design, and development. The company prides itself on its team of highly-skilled professionals who consistently deliver top-notch services to fulfil their clients’ business needs. Known for their satisfactorily serving clients all over the world, the company offers a wide range of IT solutions tailored to the demands of different businesses. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Violet North

Founded by Koray Gocmen, Violet North is a tech company that focuses on developer platforms, information technology, and web development. Offering security plugins for businesses to protect their websites, Violet North provides free SSL certifications and a range of services like DDoS protection, port filtering, error alerting, and more. Keep in touch with the company on LinkedIn and @violetnorthinc.

Founded by Turker Sokullu, is a web hosting and domain registration company offering web development and blogging platform services. They emphasize excellent customer service and offer robust services including SharePoint and virtual servers. Follow them on Facebook and @myhosting.

Established by Arwina Mogul, operates in multiple tech sectors, including apps, eSports, gaming, IT, and web development. Although detailed specifics about their offerings are not widely publicized, you can stay tuned into their updates through LinkedIn and @getbeamgg.


Touchless, founded by Kevin Gervais, is a SaaS platform for headless, bottomless, and edge development that lets you create without writing a single line of code. This company is perfect for businesses looking to integrate their data seamlessly. Connect with Touchless on LinkedIn.

Marketplace Solutions

Marketplace Solutions, established by Lukas Henderson, is an expert agency specializing in e-commerce and web design. They provide software solutions for merchants to launch and scale businesses using Shopify. They also craft stunning digital marketplaces and top-selling themes. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Masthead is a no-code data monitoring solution offering out-of-the-box anomaly detection, column-level lineage, and real-time issue alerts. The company provides a quality management system to detect and correct data errors in a timely manner. Connect with Masthead on LinkedIn.

Dandelion Networks

Dandelion Networks is a layer-1 blockchain platform promising unrestricted scalability with unmatched security. Ideal for gaming, social media, and more, the company provides seamless experiences across devices. You can follow them on LinkedIn and their official Twitter handle @ddln_networks.


Manyways, founded by Ian Morton and Steph Bigue, is a no-code journey management system. The company empowers organizations to design and publish web experiences that personalize customer interaction. They’re geared to launch licensing for individuals and organizations by 2023. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

Compile Marketing

Compile Marketing is a web design agency that builds next-generation custom websites. The company prides itself on understanding client needs and objectives, resulting in websites that reflect the brand identity. Follow Compile Marketing on @CompileMkt and LinkedIn.

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