Spotlight on Vancouver’s Emerging IT Startups: Canadian Innovation Unleashed

January 17, 2024

The Vancouver, British Columbia-based startup scene is bustling with innovative new ventures, particularly in the Information Technology industry. Canadian entrepreneurs are establishing businesses that are driving technological advances in spheres as diverse as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and e-learning. The inception of these startups denotes the arrival of a bullish wave of digital innovation in Canada. Let’s delve into the details of some of these startups that have been founded in or after 2020 and are making strides in the IT sector.

Uniquely, many of these companies are leveraging cutting-edge technology to create practical solutions that address real-world problems, from streamlining agricultural processes to enhancing e-sports experiences, these startups are paving the way for advancements in their respective industries. Whether it be turning tech-enabled innovation into marketable products or services or creating platforms that address niche market needs, these startups are contributing to Vancouver’s reputation as a thriving tech hub.

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, these resilient and pioneering startups have not only survived but thrived, demonstrating the tenacity and ingenuity inherent in the Vancouver tech scene. The following startups have shown remarkable innovation and potential throughout the uncertain times associated with their formation. Presenting the Vancouver-based startups in the IT sector that have been founded in or after 2020.


Co-founded by Arthur Chen and Roman Kozak, Verdi is making a mark in the intersection of agriculture and artificial intelligence. Offering data science platform for hyper-specific farm actions, starting with irrigation, Verdi is contributing significantly to the advancement of the AgTech landscape. Follow Verdi on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

X1 Esports and Entertainment

X1 Esports and Entertainment, led by Adam Giddens and Mark Elfenbein, focuses on developing organic Esports assets. The young startup aims to expand its existing portfolio via a combination of accretive acquisitions and organic growth. For more updates, follow X1 on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Infostrux Solutions

Infostrux Solutions, founded by Goran Kimovski, provides analytical, business intelligence, and database services in the IT sector. Stay in touch with Infostrux Solutions through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Quiz Me Ai

Quiz Me Ai is at the cutting edge of the e-learning and software industry. Learn more about their advancements and contributions on their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Sam Abdul, CourierX represents the intersection of apps and information technology in the Canadian market. More details about their company can be found on their website.


Driving change in the IT landscape for small and medium businesses is MeaningfulWork. The brainchild of Leejoo H. and Raaj Chatterjee, MeaningfulWork is redefining how technology services can benefit SMEs. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for regular updates.

Cloud Architects

Cloud Architects, under the leadership of Sean Mehrabi, offers comprehensive IT services and consulting, specializing in cloud computing, data services, and infrastructure. Follow along with their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Wattle stands at the intersection of advertising, information technology, and marketing. Follow their advancements on Facebook and LinkedIn.


ABOMIS is a global IT solutions and services provider for airports, airlines, and ground handlers. Helping small to medium-sized and low-cost airlines, airports, ground handlers and charter companies to operate with big aviation company tools, ABOMIS is revolutionizing the air transportation industry. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.


Newsly, founded by Yoni Tzafrir, is an audio news and content aggregator mobile app that reads the latest trending web articles in a natural human voice. They define themselves as an audible news & popular podcast mobile application. Follow Newsly on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


MusterPoint, founded by Tim Sportschuetz, is an online marketplace designed for facilitating rental transactions between owners of underutilized construction equipment and contractors and project owners. Stay updated through Facebook and LinkedIn.

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