Spotlighting Vancouver’s Prominent SaaS Startups Transforming the Canadian Tech Scene

January 23, 2024

Welcome to this entry in our series focused on startups in Canada. Today, we are shining a spotlight on the SaaS industry in Vancouver, British Columbia. As one of the most vibrant and active tech hubs in Canada, Vancouver has seen the birth of numerous SaaS startups over the last few years. In this piece, we are focusing on startups with inception 2020 onwards. We will take a closer look at their operations, founders, and the unique solutions these companies offer in the SaaS market.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) market is rapidly evolving, with businesses of all sizes adapting to the flexible, cost-effective and scalable solutions that SaaS technology offers. Recent years have seen a surge in the founding of startups operating within this commercial field, a trend that is particularly noticeable in cities like Vancouver.

In this feature, we introduce you to some of Vancouver’s most promising SaaS startups that were founded in 2020 and later. From real estate KYC software to automating construction workflows, these innovative companies represent the diversification and the potential of SaaS sector in Vancouver. Let us dive in.


Iluminai provides affordable next-generation KYC software-as-a-service (SaaS) for regulated financial industries. Their flagship product, Iluminai, is a FINTRAC compliance software for Canadian real estate brokerages catering to the needs of the regulated financial industries.


Founded by Ron Klopfer, Clirio’s visualization platform aids companies and governments in civil construction and infrastructure, mining, and transportation. Their Ada Platform software generates vivid 3D visualizations from various types of geo-spatial project data, helping teams understand this data in new ways and ensuring faster agreement with fewer mistakes. You can find more about them on their Linkedin page.


UnifyStack is focused on event-driven auto-remediation workflows for SREs, DevOps, and SysAdmins. You can follow them on their @unifystack Twitter and their Linkedin page.


Dej operates in the legal tech field, offering a programmatic copyright protection SaaS. They announced their products as and Follow Dej on Twitter and Linkedin

Flashana Technologies Inc.

Flashana Technologies Inc. delivers predictive analytics solutions for retail enterprises. They provide real-time reporting designed for specific SME industries with their first target market being the global alcohol beverage industry. More about Flashana can be found on their Linkedin page.


Founded by Jas Nijjar, Shane McNamara, and Syed Ahmed, OnTraccr aims to automate construction management using their next-generation construction workflow automation (CWA) software. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


Hengam, founded by Ali Rajool, is a publisher on Shopify’s App Store and currently has four apps in Email Marketing, Subscription, and Description Generator fields. You can follow their updates on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


Founded by Ali Osia, Shopgram specializes in e-commerce and SaaS targeted at online shopping needs. Stay updated with Shopgram via their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts.


Withe is an on-demand video interview and hiring event platform designed to be the fastest way to interview qualified candidates at scale. Withe makes it simple for teams to host seasonal and high-volume hiring events that hit recruitment targets in a matter of hours, instead of weeks. Teams like Marriott International and Neo Financial leverage Withe to run hiring events that convert 23x more qualified candidates in less than half the time. Keep up with their latest news on Twitter and Linkedin.


IcePanel, founded by Jacob Shadbolt and Victor Leach, is a SaaS tool for tech teams to collaborate on their software architecture design. Stay informed through their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin channels.


Orgmatch, founded by Tim Chipperfield and Trevor Loke, focuses on non-profit organizations and social impact. You can follow Orgmatch on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

These are just some of the thriving SaaS startups located in Vancouver, British Columbia, that were founded in 2020 and onwards. We will be keeping a close eye on these companies as they continue to innovate and disrupt the tech industry with their unique solutions in the years to come.

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