Toronto’s Trailblazing Startups Revolutionizing the Canadian Construction Industry

January 4, 2024

In recent years, Toronto has experienced a surge of tech-focused startups in the construction sector. With innovation at the core, these growing enterprises have brought a wave of advanced technology into the construction industry while boosting economic growth. Whether it’s using AI, machine learning, or innovative design strategies, these startups are enhancing and modernizing the industry. Here are some startups established in or after 2020 that are making strides in the construction sector.

ICAREUM is a trailblazer in gamifying pre-construction and architectural visualization. It uses Building Information Modelling and digital twin technology to offer unique solutions to construction challenges. Founded by Dan Merriam and Danila Solovov, ICAREUM represents a powerful community of professionals committed to leveraging technology for positive change.

The construction space is also being revolutionized by Avebury Equity Partners. An asset management firm founded by Corey Hawtin, Avebury Equity Partners merges construction and real estate. The company provides innovative investment strategies and services tailored to client needs.

Machine Learning Estimation

David Yang and Michael Lawton introduced Machine Learning Estimation to the industry. This startup harnesses the power of computer vision, construction, machine learning, and software technology to present detailed estimates obtained from building designs, significantly expediting the construction estimating process.


Bidmii, a brainchild of Jon Christensen and Phillip Stack, is a platform where homeowners and contractors can connect seamlessly. The startup aims to ensure fair market pricing, payment security, and project control, contributing significantly to the construction industry’s digitalization.

PledgX Inc.

PledgX Inc. is the industry’s first AI-driven performance monitoring platform built to provide insight into a contractor’s performance. Founded by Ben Arber, Jimmy Chan, Josef Zankowicz, and Satya Vattekat, it employs AI and machine learning, enabling stakeholders to quickly identify problems and propose solutions.

Promise Robotics

Focused on Industry 4.0, Promise Robotics, co-founded by Ramtin Attar and Reza Nasseri, is enabling the construction industry to utilize industrialized robotics and AI in the production of sustainable and affordable buildings.

Level 44

Level 44 is a design-build contractor dealing with high-quality design and remodelling services. Their dedication to innovative and quality work makes them stand out in the construction industry.


With its unique High-Density Gypsum (HDG) building material, AMATEC aims to revolutionize the construction industry. This contech startup provides more eco-friendly, cheaper, and faster building solutions, tackling the current housing crisis and reducing carbon emissions.


Airtasks is a workflow management platform for VDC teams. They offer exchange models and share BIM issues with the team, ensuring transparent and efficient communication during construction projects.


Crewscope is a startup specializing in enterprise software and SaaS for the construction industry. The brand is becoming an essential tool in the sector, optimizing productivity on construction sites and making teamwork more efficient.

Savant Recruitment

Lastly, Savant Recruitment, founded by Jessica Smith, provides a one-stop-shop solution for all talent needs within the technology, manufacturing, and construction industries.

As the construction sector continues to evolve, these innovative Toronto-based startups are well-positioned to lead the way in using technology and innovative strategies to shape the industry’s future.

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