Vancouver’s Pioneering Consulting Startups: Canada’s Innovations in Business Strategy

January 3, 2024

Inception 2020 marked another chapter in the Canadian corporate world. A wave of innovative new startup ventures, offering specialized consulting services, sprouted in Vancouver and its neighborhoods. Ranging from energy consultancy to digital marketing solutions, their visions are as diverse as their founders. This article spotlights some remarkable consulting startups launched in 2020, focusing on their bios and what they bring to the corporate table.

These startups are breaking boundaries in the consulting industry, harnessing the potential of renewable energy, big data, education, angel investment, environmental recycling, corporate training, graphic design, and much more. Here, we profile each in detail, providing an overview of their vision, the expertise they offer, and the values they bring to diverse clients. Apart from benefiting from their specialized services, companies can find inspirational business models in these startups’ entrepreneurial journeys.

Below are the details of these remarkable consulting startups headquartered in Vancouver and established in 2020. Their commitment to excellence, innovation, and delivering quality services sets them apart. These startups are making a significant impact on their respective industries and beyond.


This startup, based in Vancouver, specializes in renewable energy projects. From development and financing to operation, Powertrust offers end-to-end consulting solutions in the renewable energy sector. Visit their LinkedIn profile to learn more about this intriguing startup.


Founded by Breedon Grauer and Trevor Carr, Fastloop is pushing the boundaries of big data, analytics, and cloud technology. This startup also specializes in operational analytics, customer intelligence, and digital acceleration. To know more, visit their LinkedIn page.


Beeznests is an EdTech firm based in Vancouver, offering consulting services in the education sector. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for additional information.


Founded by Kendra Garagan and Mohamed Ibshara, Moken is dedicated to supporting founders through consulting services spanning across angel investment, marketing, and personal branding. Explore more about their multi-faceted services on their LinkedIn page, Facebook, and Twitter.


ShareWares is a consulting firm based in Vancouver, operating in the niche of environmental consulting, recycling, and serving small and medium businesses. Visit their LinkedIn page and Facebook to know more.


IncrementOne, based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, is a startup offering consulting services in professional services and training. To know more about their offerings, check out their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter handles.


Hyperminds is a business consulting startup based in Vancouver, British Columbia, offering top-tier consulting services in advertising, brand marketing, and business development. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.

Smith Assembly

Founded by Liz Hunt and Ta Corrales, Smith Assembly offers consulting services in corporate training, management consulting, and more. Learn more about their inclusive, equity-centered approach on their LinkedIn profile, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

MLAZZ Creative

MLAZZ Creative offers consulting services in graphic design and photography. The startup is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Learn more about their creative ventures on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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