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Zoho Writer vs. Google Docs review 2022

There are a lot of online writing tools that are available for writing. However, only three—Zoho, Office Suite, Google Docs—have noteworthy features. 

Among these three, Zoho Writer stands out. 

Zoho Writer is produced by Zoho, a business management software provider with many tools. You can use this writing tool offline.

Zoho Writer has some excellent components, like: 

  • An editor who can assist with writing problems 
  • Lots of templates
  • The capacity to edit Word documents

So, what is the purpose of Zoho Writer? 

It is a writing tool that helps make the writing process more manageable. It demonstrates how a writing tool designed for the modern Web should include more components, like the ability to send your post straight to WordPress or track visitors to your work. Simple labels such as “yet to view,” “view,” and “active” let you quickly determine whether a specific colleague has viewed a document.

Zoho Writer’s Three Phases of Writing

Zoho Writer divides the writing process into three phases: compose, review, and distribute. Each has its own activation button.

Compose is as distraction-free as possible because it’s all about writing. It includes practical writing tools like auto-correct. For example, when the first two letters of a word are capitalized rather than the first letter alone, It also converts quotes into witty quotes.

The spell checker and proofreading tools are used during the review process. It includes a built-in reader that allows you to view your document in a completely new light and discover errors you might not have noticed otherwise.

In the Review mode, there are also tools for collaboration that let you invite colleagues and ask for their input or changes.

Distribute consists solely of sharing or publishing your document on the web.

There has been a lot of buzz on Zoho vs. Google, but we take it a step further to give you a Zoho docs review. Let’s dive in as we examine Zoho Writer vs. Google Docs

Zoho Writer vs. Google Docs

Google Docs and Zoho Writer have a lot of similar features. For instance, they have a spell-checking function, a dictionary, and grammatical suggestions.

But let’s find out which one has even better features and is best for your team. 

1. Focus Typing

A no-distraction mode is crucial for some people. Zoho Writer can display only the paragraph you are currently working on. This feature isn’t automatic, and you need to turn it on. Google Docs, in contrast, does not have this feature. If it’s something you want while working on Google Docs, you need to integrate a third-party tool.

2. Locate tools easily 

Zoho’s interface is more pleasing than Google Docs’, plus it has fewer menus to sift through, making it easy for users to locate tools. By clearly labeling the formatting tools, users can quickly find them without hovering over icons, as you do in Google Docs. You also have a tiny icon in place of text.

3. Multi-Language

Docs supports many languages. On it, you can work in many different languages. Zoho Writer, on the other hand, only allows four languages.

4. Advanced Editing Tools

Zoho Writer has several advanced editing tools and also has essential editing tools. Its advanced tools allow you to insert a code snippet without disrupting the formatting. Also, you can do more than select the format; you get to pick the language. Google Docs, on the other hand, would need third-party tools if you wanted to add a code snippet. 

5. Storage Restrictions 

While both Zoho Writer and Google Docs have space restrictions, Zoho Writer is more restricted as it only offers 5GB of free storage. Google Drive, on the other hand, offers 15GB.

6. Document History

While Zoho Writer and Google Docs save a version of your work, Writer goes above and beyond by allowing you to compare two versions. Select Compare versions from the File > Document History menu.

Although Google Docs does allow you to view the changes between versions (the new additions are highlighted in green), it doesn’t do it as well as Zoho Writer.

So you love Zoho Writer and can’t wait for you and your team to start using it and other Zoho tools. Keep reading. 

Even though Zoho operations are generally simple to use by design, mistakes can still happen. 

Which is why you need an implementation specialist. 

They help in the training of the employees by creating a learning scheme. They also set up summits, coaching sessions, and conferences so that your team members can learn how to use Zoho software like Zoho Writer. 

So if you’re asking yourself  is Zoho better than Gmail because of your team, a Zoho specialist will help you answer this question and more. They will help determine the tools your team needs. 

Your employees will succeed and have higher productivity when they have the appropriate tools and training. 

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